Nintendo Switch Will Surpass WII U Sales By End Next Year

The Nintendo Switch is off to a rousing success for Nintendo thus far. While there are no real numbers out in the wild as of yet, there are some speculations and reports we can look into to see how things are doing for Nintendo.

nintendo switch

First, New York Times technology correspondent Nick Wingfield shared a part of a conversation he had with Reggie Fils-Aime about the reception of Nintendo Switch in the Americas:

Now, the Wall Street Journal reports they hear from assemblers under contract with Nintendo that Nintendo has doubled their manufacturing orders.

From the Wall Street Journal report on the subject:

In the fiscal year starting April 2017, assemblers under contract with Nintendo are now planning to manufacture 16 million or more Switches, up from an initial plan for eight million, said people briefed on the plans.


Nintendo will look to comment on their Nintendo Switch expectations in its next earnings call on April 27, 2017. It should be a rather interesting look at Nintendo’s own outlook of their new console.

Source – apptrigger

#Nintendo Switch Will Surpass WII U Sales By End Next Year