The Most Craziest Thing About Super Smash Bros

Is Super Smash Bros. just an all-encompassing smorgasbord of fan service and wish fulfilment… or something altogether more sinister?

Thanks to Game Theorists for this one, as the idea centres around Master Hand not being a random inclusion, but instead a child playing with their toys. After all, the original N64 SSB shows a toy Yoshi plucked from obscurity and given life, and by extension, the notion of the hand ageing with its creator leads to SSB Brawl, where we see a character named ‘Tabuu’ has been controlling it all along.


Now, could Tabuu be ‘taboo’, and a societal comment on the notion of late teenagers/adults playing with figures?

Amiibos didn’t come about until 2014, but the theory continues that Master Hand and Crazy Hand are the manifestations of creator Masahiro Sakurai’s ageing will, and his attitude towards the franchise:


First he’s young, and enjoys playing with his toys, then older and looked down upon by his peers for still doing so, thenhe’s angry and wants to destroy them all, and finally he ‘loses’ (in the Wii U/3DS version where you can beat the evil glove), resulting in someone else (you) becoming the new Master Hand, Toy Story 3 hand-me-down style.

Source – Whatculture

#The Most Craziest Thing About Super Smash Bros