Secret Features In Nintendo Switch You Didn’t Know About

What about the hardware? You know your Switch can let you game on the go, and about giving one half of the controller to the person next to you for some instant multiplayer, but what else?

Make Your TV Automatically Turn On When Your Switch Does

This relies on having a relatively new television with HDMI-CEC functionality (the option for a TV to recognise when a device is trying to communicate). Luckily the vast majority of televisions have this, and you might already be used to the idea, as both the PS4 and Xbox One have options that let them control a variety of TV functions.


On the Switch it’s a little different, as there’s no console setting for HDMI-CEC, yet it can still control your TV. Basically, the Switch is forever knocking at the door, you just need to tell your TV to answer, which many by default, many units already do.

After enabling HDMI-CEC on your TV (or just try the following anyway, as some TVs are like the Switch and assume people want it enabled by default), either slot the Switch into the dock when a connected set is on standby, or do the same when you’re watching through another input.

Your TV will either turn on automatically and jump to the appropriate input, or will switch to the correct channel, all just from slotting the Switch into the dock.

Switch’s ‘Click’ Sound Effect

The Switch’s ‘click’ is this generation’s ‘iPhone lock noise’ – a supremely slick soundbite that immediately makes you think of the product, mostly thanks to appearing in the console’s marketing at every turn.


But where is it on the system?

It would’ve made perfect sense for Nintendo to engineer a way for the Joy-Cons to make the noise physically whenever you slot them into the controller grip, but to get the exact noise from the system’s various adverts, you need to slot the Joy-Cons onto the side of the tablet, after it’s been turned on and is running a game.

Doing this while playing gives a white ‘burst’ effect to the side of the screen as the Joy-Cons lock in place, accompanied by – finally! – the Switch’s ‘switch’ noise.

Share Memes

Do not underestimate the sheer awesomeness of the Switch’s screenshot functionality. Where on the PS4 and Xbox One you’d have to boot up separate apps/software to tuck into editing them, Nintendo have allowed for the addition of text whenever you hop into the Album editor.

legend of zelda

First make sure you’ve tethered either your Facebook or Twitter account to your Nintendo Account through the System Settings, take whichever shot you’d like using the dedicated button on the left Joy-Con, then hop back into the main menu to get into the album.

From here – and it’s all too easy to skirt over the ‘Edit’ prompt, as we tend to on other systems – press the corresponding button to open up the option to add text. It’s a simple inclusion, but have you seen the proliferation of image-sharing sites across the last few years?

Be it Imgur, 9GAG, Reddit etc., getting text-based memes online opens up the sharing potential of the Switch’s library tenfold.

Online For Free

Another thing that’s very easy to jump over during the onslaught of tutorial-pops and news updates that comprise booting up a Switch for the first time, is the fact Nintendo are offering online play across all games for free.

fast_rmx_01.jpgThis will be the case until some point in ‘Fall 2017’.

Nintendo appear to be trialling out their various online components, and whether that’s the immaculate Fast RMX or the upcoming Splatoon 2 (of which has a demo available very soon), don’t forget to make the most of a completely free online service while you can.

Source – Whatculture

#Secret Features In Nintendo Switch You Didn’t Know About