Art Of The Week #5 – The Last Guardian

New Series in which we showcase some of the most beautiful and gorgeous artwork of video games from all over the internet. Hope everyone one will enjoy and please comment us down below what game artwork you want the next week.

THIS IS AN GOING WEEKLY SERIES you guys comment which game you want to see next! 

This Week –  The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian created by the mastermind behind Shadow Of Colossus and ICO. The game is itself is a art from gorgeous level design to one of the best AI in video games.

Trico is a giant bird hybrid and it is absolutely adorable every moment of Trico feels flawless. The Story the direction the artwork is absolutely insanely beautiful the game deserves more attention.

All I can say is 10 years… WORTH IT!


#Art Of The Week #5 – The Last Guardian