Single Player Video Games With Amazing Multiplayer Modes

It’s become such a normality, games that should otherwise be single-player focused end up getting such a mode shoehorned in for the sake of maintaining interest after an initial launch window. A fully online, ‘competitive multiplayer’ component was even thrown into Resident Evil with the godawful Umbrella Corps, for crying out loud.

Batman: Arkham Origins

If there was ever a time you would think a multiplayer would be lazily tacked onto a game, it would have to be this one. However, WB Games went up and out of their way to make sure this didn’t feel like a lifeless addition.

Under the name of Invisible Predator Online, this game mode was a very non-traditional 2v3v3. One team consisted of Joker’s thugs, the other Bane’s, while the other team was none other than the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin. Every member of every team was player controlled, and after a certain amount of time, players controlling a Bane or Joker thug would get to control their respected ring leader.


For those controlling Batman or Robin, they worked on intimidation just like in the core game. You’d have to strike fear in the thugs who were both fighting each other over a hold point. The difference in play styles from the thugs to Batman, to even Joker and Bane, lead to a fun and balanced experience. As different as it was, it was probably the best way to go about a Batman multiplayer experience that featured core characters.

Unfortunately, if you missed the boat on this one, you’ve missed it forever, because in December 2016, WB Games shut down the multiplayer experience for Batman: Arkham Origins for good. Still.

Medal Of Honor (2010)

Released in the middle of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – albeit the latter came out half a year earlier – Medal of Honor never really had a bright future, which is a shame, because this 2010 incarnation was truly better than most gave it credit for.

The first Medal of Honor game in three years, this brought the series into a modern setting for the first time – one that was absolutely on fire at the time. Not to mention the online portion was being headed by EA DICE, those responsible for Battlefield, so it’s safe to say it was in good hands.


At the time, Call of Duty and Battlefield were on top of the FPS genre. Call of Duty had tight maps with killstreaks while Battlefield had large maps and class specific loadouts. There were COD fans and Battlefield fans with no in-between. Medal of Honor however managed to bridge the gap, combining both Battlefield and Call of Duty play styles seamlessly into one.

Medal of Honor featured class based gaming, just like Battlefield, but did it on smaller scale maps like Call of Duty. This of course led to faster paced games.

On top of this was a score chain (sound familiar?) that let players who stayed alive and scored kills trigger either an offensive or defensive support buff. Medal of Honor doesn’t get the credit it deserves for what it was trying to do for the FPS genre in 2010, instead forced to live in the shadows of its competition that are both still going strong today.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

Metal Gear Solid will forever go down to some as the greatest gaming series of all time, thanks to the genius of Hideo Kojima crafting such a crazy and interesting storyover the years. In that same breath, many of those fans will tell you Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the best in the series. As done with previous games, an expanded edition was released later called Subsistence, which included for the first time, a competitive Metal Gear experience.


The game featured very small matches, capping out at only eight players, but in doing so it kept that Metal Gear feel alive. Running and gunning was not an effective strategy, most in part to the controls, but instead you had to rely on wit to outsmart the enemy in true Metal Gear style.

Not only was the game true to style, but the highest scoring player on each team was given control of the higher ranking character from the unit they were assigned. For example, the highest scoring member of the GRU unit would take control of Major Raikov or the Ocelot unit would take control of none other than Ocelot himself.

Metal Gear Online was short lived in its Subsistence days, as the servers were only active for just over a year. So unfortunately those who missed out will never get to experience the primitive yet formative years of Metal Gear Online.

Source – Whatculture