No Man’s Sky Is Becoming One Of The Most Unique Games Of This Generation

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the game has moved in a more vibrant direction, not only visually, but in gameplay features too. It is also the first PS4 Pro update, and the difference is remarkable. If anything, the game is closer to the original reveal trailer than ever before – but it still has some way to go.

After I got into a Roamer, the new buggy-like car that has been introduced to the game, it made me realize just how much the game needed it. Previously you would have to walk everywhere, or get into you spacecraft and then lift off, which uses resources, and then land again where you wanted to go. The Roamer however changes all that, and it is so mno mans skyuch fun to ride around in. It has a little jump for when you need to freestyle off a cliff, as well as it is pretty easy to control. I scooted around a planet for a good 10-minutes and was a master at the driving soon after.

The Colossus is a tank-like machine that farms for resources using a laser that it shoots from its top. While it is fun to have in the game, the controls and the speed of it put me off using it altogether. I just felt that I could do much more quicker without being in it. Lastly there is the Exocraftm which is a blend the buggy and the Colossus. It can farm for good, and scoot around the planets pretty quickly.


These vehicles are a deal breaker in the game, and I strongly believe that if we had them sooner, it would have been so much better. Getting around each planet at a faster rate, and farming rocks and plants without having to stand by them with a weak mining gun for a good ten minutes. It opens up the world you are in, and breaks the barrier of not being able to explore your surrounding to its fullest. If you are playing No Man’s Sky, then these will be beyond helpful to your adventure.

no mans sky.png

I so want to say that No Man’s Sky has become a glorified photo shoot, but after spending time with it, its clear that the game has grown tremendously. The reason I say “photo shoot” is because the Photo Mode, as well as the new vibrant visual, have combined to create the one thing we wanted from the original release, a gorgeous universal experience.

With the new stunning visuals, and the ability to go wild with camera at any moment, the results are truly spectacular. Spotting a hill with the sun in the distance, and parking the buggy just right in order to get the perfect volumetric lighting result, then snapping away as you capture the beauty of the game. That is how I spent the day


Sometimes I went all Instagram as #NoFilter was needed. The game’s beauty was just portrayed perfectly. With a click off a button I could even place the sun wherever I wanted. Now I know so many games have these modes, but I have never seen it built into a game, while at the same time keeping it simple with ten or so filters to choose from. I am definitely going to head back in and make some wallpapers for myself soon.

While No Man’s Sky is not where it was in a original reveal, it is one step closer to being the game fans were promised. The new vehicle additions, as well as the gorgeous new visuals have given the game its much-needed makeover. Now all we need is the planets to come to life a bit more, and the aliens and creatures that live on these planets to feel like they belong. Once Hello Games have that nailed down, we will have the No Man’s Sky we wanted to buy.

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#No Man’s Sky Is Becoming One Of The Most Unique Games Of This Generation