Most Terrifying Visual Glitches In Video Games

While glitches like the famous Pac-Man kill screen bug just made us say “whoa!”, the realism of modern games can produce bugs that run the gamut from weird and quirky to scream-your-face-off scary.

The Sims 4

The Sims series has produced more than its share of weird glitchy moments, and since the games are reality simulators, many of them tend to be particularly surreal. Patches regularly pushed out by publisher Electronic Arts do a fairly decent job of holding back the tide of weirdness, but if you think that’s going to stop YouTubers from recording every single last glitch present in the game at release, think again.


The birth of a baby is always a joyous occasion for your Sim, but in The Sims 4, it can quickly turn into a David Lynch-ian nightmare. For no apparent reason, your little tyke can come out deformed in ways that no actual child could ever survive. With eyeballs stuck to the end of spearlike antennae protruding from the sockets and twisted, misshapen limbs and bodies that would make Picasso faint, gamers could be forgiven if their first instinct was to try to set their child on fire

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division features another map glitch that makes you seriously worry for your player character’s mental well-being. After all, they don’t know they’re characters in a video game, and they have a difficult and dangerous job to do. Imagine if you were in the middle of a long work day, which hopefully involves very little getting shot at, when the façade of the world suddenly started to flicker, revealing the underlying framework of the universe. A façade that threatened to slip away completely, and take your sanity with it.

Standing in just the right (or wrong) spot and positioning the camera in a certain direction will cause this to start happening, and once it’s started, it only gets worse. If it happens during a mission, good luck defending yourself from enemy fire while the entire world shimmies, jiggles and tweaks all around you. If it happens during real life, please wave hello to the Elder Gods for us as as you descend into the depths of howling madness.

Luigi’s Mansion

The Nintendo GameCube classic Luigi’s Mansion has long been considered one of the creepier titles in the Mario universe. Aside from a famous glitch (or Easter egg, depending on who you ask) that appears to show Luigi’s silhouette hanging from a noose, there are bugs that allow you to cheat your way past entire levels and even the entire game. Among the many visual glitches are one that should be pretty alarming to any big-nosed Italian plumber.


If you’re able to edge Luigi closer to a mirror than you’re supposed to, his reflected image will suddenly become schnoz-less. As you can see in the screencap, he looks pretty surprised about it. Since the game does take place in a haunted mansion, there may be a couple of explanations here: either the mirror is enchanted and has a weird sense of humor, or Luigi’s nose is a vampire.


Speaking of GTA, the venerable series has entire online forums dedicated to all the bizarre glitches and bugs it’s produced over the years. Grand Theft Auto V kept the tradition alive admirably, with dozens of areas that feature bugs, hidden vehicles, and places where you can venture off the map. One glitch in particular straddles the line between hilarious and terrifying, and may really freak you out if your job causes you to stress over excessive paperwork.

If you spawn as Michael on the film set, you’ll be standing next to a guy holding a clipboard. Threatening him with a weapon startles him, and startling him causes another clipboard to pop out of nowhere. If you happen to be using, say, the Tommy gun, this can result in a rapid and ongoing series of startles that causes a fountain of clipboards, which begin piling up around the hapless man. Keep at this long enough, and the poor guy will actually fall screaming into this pool of clipboards and vanish forever.

Source – Looper

#Most Terrifying Visual Glitches In Video Games