Hidden Secrets And Easter Eggs In Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

This approach will only get you so far, though – unless you want to spend tens of hours roaming the land or tuning your Sheikah Slate to lock onto specific targets – hence the need for a few small pointers as to which parts of the world are worth checking out.

Animal Masks & Dark Link

The mysterious Kilton is a character you might hear about from a few way NPCs at stables on occasion, but you can actually find him in a number of places.

zelda breath of the wild kilton

A monster part-dealing merchant, first you need to head to the skull-shaped island in Akkala (go to the bottom of the large column), then Kilton will disappear and reappear at various villages – but only at night.

Annoyingly, he’s not guaranteed to show at any given time, but will rotate through Hateno Village, Gerudo Town and Zora’s Domain as the three story-centric places, alongside off-kilter stops like Lurelin Village, seen below.

Zelda breath of the wild

Simply head across the right-side beach when looking out to sea, find the signpost advertising Kilton’s shop, then kill time until night using a campfire (hold a bundle of wood, drop it and set fire to it) to make him appear.

Kilton sells everything from a Dark Link clothing set (unlocked after defeating all four Divine Beasts) to a range of monster masks that’ll let you blend in, all bought using a currency acquired by converting your monster parts.

Your Own Secret Village

Links House Breath Of The Wild Zelda

Even Link wants a custom humble abode, as if you head to the south-west of Hateno Village (past the Shrine), you’ll find a team of builders working on what appears to be a rundown, soon-to-be-destroyed house.

You can purchase this place from their leader, Bolson, in exchange for 30 pieces of wood and 3000 rupees. From here, you’ll get a list of customisation options, including a “Link’s House” sign, nine wall-mounted weapon displays, a flower patch and of course, a bed.

zelda hateno house link

This isn’t the end of your custom-building exploits though…

Village breath of the wild zelda

Talk to Bolson after you’ve purchased the house, and you’ll unlock the ‘From the Ground Up’ mission, seeing you construct an entire village with the help of Hudson, another one of the workers. Finding the additional people necessary to construct Tarrey Town is something you can either look up or do yourself (it requires a number of race-specific characters with names ending in ‘son’), but the rewards are, shall we say, rather legendary.

Hyrule Goddess Dragons

Breath of the Wild is one gorgeously tranquil game most of the time, but if you’ve ever heard the score take on more of an Eastern mythological twang, chances are there’s a dragon flying overhead.


Floating angelically through canyons or emerging from bodies of water, there are three in total, modelled on the three Triforce Goddesses from Hyrule’s past; Farore, Nayru and Din, whose names now become Farosh (green), Naydra (blue) and Dinraal (red).

zelda breath of the wild

Track these fearsome – and relatively peaceful – creatures down and use the updrafts created by their movements to soar up around their bodies. From here, shoot specific parts of them to sear off specific items, which can then be used to create the most powerful elixirs in the game, or to fetch a pretty penny at Kilton’s Fang & Bone.

The four types of loot you can get are Horn Shards (head/horn itself), Fang Shards (mouth/teeth), Claws (leg/claw) and Scales (rest of body).

Be sure to have a decent supply of stamina so you can stay in the air longest, as well as maximise the time you can trigger Link’s super slow-mo state, allowing you to fire off a number of arrows before time restores itself.

The Master Sword

zelda breath of the wild master sword

It’s entirely possible to beat Breath of the Wild (inasmuch as taking down the Divine Beast bosses and Ganon) without even knowing the Master Sword exists, yet it is out there, tucked away inside the Lost Woods.

Located above Hyrule Castle, it’s the island covered in smog that you’ll need a specific method to traverse.

zelda breath of the wild

First, head to its eastern side and look for the twin braziers – this marks your starting point. From here, grab a torch, light it and look for the next brazier, one by one through the smog, until you come to another pair in one place.

Now look to the embers that hang in mid-air (to the left of the braziers) and follow them to Korok Forest, where you’ll also find the Master Sword.

To get your Excalibur on and wrench it from the ground, you’ll need 13 hearts to your life bar, as the Sword drains them when Link attempts to remove it.

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#Hidden Secrets And Easter Eggs In Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild