What Makes Watch Dogs 2 Such An Amazing Video Game

First Watch Dogs did introduce plenty of new things to the gaming landscape, it didn’t do enough to justify the hype that both Ubisoft and the gaming public had built up for it. The several years that Ubisoft had poured into marketing Watch Dogs and creating a unique world ended up coming back to bite them.

RC Car And Drone

One of the best additions to the gameplay of Watch Dogs 2 comes from the appearance of the RC Car and the Drone. Both gadgets give Marcus a brand new way to explore situations, both in combat and out of it.


The RC Car is given to you from the get go and basically means that Marcus can take over entire compounds without ever stepping foot inside. Its speed makes it difficult to catch and the ability to go through small vents essentially makes it a better option than stealth in most cases. It can also physically interact with hacking opportunities, giving it a huge range.

Even better than the RC Car is the unlockable Drone. This gives Marcus an aerial view of San Francisco, and allows him to tag different hacking opportunities and enemies. With the Drone, the player can map out an entire mission within seconds.

Each gadget has its own advantages and disadvantages, and when combined together, create a whole new player experience. Both the RC Car and the Drone give the player so many new opportunities and make the gameplay so much more satisfying.


Whilst firearm combat is still an option, stealth is highly recommended by the game’s mechanics. Marcus’s character works in tandem with the very notion of stealth and ice-cool calm infiltration, encouraging you to non-lethally dispose of enemies and/or use the stun gun.


The stun gun itself is also much more reliable than you might expect, reloading quickly and not needing any ammo, which makes it the best combat option by far. Hacking also plays a role, with the ability to hack enemy phones and surrounding electronics to help Marcus sneak around being one of the best to use in any given situation.

Sneaking around is also better than going in guns blazing. Not only does it allow you to take enemies down quickly and quietly, but also avoids attracting any backup. The difficulty of surviving gunfire in Watch Dogs 2 makes attacking head on a silly decision. Simply put, stealth is smarter, encouraged by the game and way more satisfying.


The world of Watch Dogs 2 is one of the most developed and true to life since Los Santos or Liberty City.

One of the most important things an open world game needs to achieve, is to make its world feel real. Not real in the sense that it accurately portrays real life, but contextual reality for the characters. There needs to be locales, landmarks, brands, radios and anything that shows actual characters exist.

watch dogs 23

One of the highlights of San Francisco is the civilians. There are so many unique individuals, locations and things to do that it almost puts Los Santos to shame. Exploring the world is genuinely interesting, because there is so much to see. Whether its Alcatraz or the Golden Gate Bridge, Watch Dogs 2 makes San Fran feel like an actual location.


The ability to climb buildings and move through an environment with speed is practically a Ubisoft staple at this point, but it is nonetheless impressive here.

Although Aiden Pearce could surely manoeuvre through Chicago fairly easily, Marcus puts him to shame. Marcus can vault, leap, climb and dash through San Francisco with fluidity, and controlling these actions is very easy.

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Even the animations attached to these movements are impressive, with Marcus somersaulting all over the map at the press of a button. It makes exploring the world feel rewarding and not like a chore, as well as being visually impressive. No repeatedly tapping the X button to sprint here.

Movement is also important in terms of gameplay, factoring into stealth and combat. In order to scope out areas, Marcus will usually need to climb the environment, with a lot of enemy areas having vertical elements.

Most areas of San Francisco are fully explorable, with hackable scissor-lifts letting players reach high up buildings, or rooftop vents letting you drop into private compoinds. It’s a far cry from having to slowly climb up every building in sight.


Arguably the most important part of the Watch Dogs experience, the hacking in Watch Dogs 2 is leaps and bounds better than it ever was.

Every single aspect of Watch Dogs 2 is related to hacking and each one feels developed. Every entry in this list can actually be related back to the central hacking mechanics. The characters and story are all hackers dealing with data invasion, a very real threat in our day and age. This makes the hacking not only feel like an important gameplay aspect, but also an important theme.

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Stealth is complemented by the ability to use hacking, and the ability to make other cars swerve whilst driving allows for blistering speed as you manually clear the highway ahead. Every gameplay mechanic, from parkour to shooting, feels improved by the ability to hack almost everything in sight.

This level of advancement is amazing considering how little the hacking actually featured in the first game, and it’s the principal reason Watch Dogs 2 is so much better than the original.

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