Greatest Video Game Deaths That No One Will Forget

Video game fans may be a little more acclimatized to the early demise of a character. After all, the gaming community has had to put up with the lives of fan favorites being cut short for an extremely long time. Here’s Game Rant’s look at the ten video game deaths we will never forget. Be warned: many spoilers lie ahead

Henry and Sam – The Last of Us

Life in the world of The Last of Us is a tough one, and it seems as though no character has fully been able to avoid the horrors and tragedies of the cordyceps infection. However, even with this backdrop of death, there was little to prepare players for the deaths of two of the most sympathetic characters in the game.


Brothers Henry and Sam become begrudging allies of Joel and Ellie over the course of The Last of Us, and the loyalty that the two brothers hold to one another is one of the most human moments of the game. However, like most of the remnants of society in the title, it cannot last forever. Younger brother Sam becomes infected, resulting in Henry killing his own brother before turning the gun on himself.

Lee – The Walking Dead

Since The Walking Dead’s TV adaptation has been causing a ruckus due to the grotesque death of one of its most well loved characters, it’s perhaps important to point out that these deaths happen across every Walking Dead story. The Telltale Games adaptations of the comic series are no strangers to killing off important characters, and this was typified perfectly by the tragic death of Lee in the first season.


Seen by many as one of the most compelling video game protagonists of all time, Lee saw it as his mission to keep the young Clementine safe in spite of the dangers of an infected world. In the end, however, a mixture of a bizarre plot and a zombie bite was enough to ensure that Lee would not be able to see Clem’s journey to the end – but at the very least, he was able to make sure she was able to survive. Nonetheless, gamers would be forgiven for tearing up a little at the end of the season’s final chapter.

Eli Vance – Half-Life 2: Episode 2

As one of the longest standing characters in the Half-Life universe, albeit as a minor character in the first game, Eli Vance certainly gathered plenty of fans within the gaming community. Players of Valve’s acclaimed first-person shooter series became attached to Eli through his depiction in the second game and its episodes, and were therefore unsettled by his death at the end of Half-Life 2: Episode 2.


To make matters worse, Half-Life fans have never had the chance to avenge Eli’s death. Episode 2has been the last release in the franchise so far, and although rumors of a Half-Life sequel continue to circulate, it’s growing increasingly unlikely that Gordon Freeman will ever be able to make the Combine pay.

John Marston – Red Dead Redemption

With Red Dead Redemption 2 now officially announced by Rockstar, no doubt many gamers will be turning back to the first Red Dead Redemption to take a second look at the hugely popular open world title. However, even after all these years, the death of protagonist John Marston will perhaps feel like too much to bear for many.

red dead redemption

In the final part of the game before a distant epilogue, Marston is betrayed by those he was working for, proving to be too much of a loose end for Edgar Ross and the Bureau. Taking on insurmountable odds, Marston falls under heavy gunfire, never able to live out the quiet life with his family that he desperately craved. Although the game’s finale gives players the chance to avenge John through his son’s actions, this victory still feels hollow in comparison to what came before.

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