Satoru Iwata In Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Late Satoru Iwata makes his last appearance in Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Running into the character just outside the starting area of the game, you’ll find he is a kind character who warns Link of the various dangers within the Hyrule Wilderness. Chatting with him a bit more, he will tell the player about Satori Mountain and the Lord of the Mountain (thanks, Nintendo Life).

There isn’t a quest associated with the peak of the mountain, but there is a serene pond with lovely cherry trees in full bloom which can be enjoyed. That said, there are a few mysteries to discover there, one of which is one of the more magical mysteries in the game. Don’t worry: Seaniccus doesn’t spoil that for you in the video.


If Botrick is indeed a tribute to Iwata, it is a very touching one which shows how much he meant to the development team, and everyone at Nintendo. Since the company hasn’t released a statement on the matter, we’re not 100% on whether he is a tribute or not, but our gut tells us this is indeed the case.

Source – Vg247

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