Biggest Most Surprising Plot Twists In Video Games Of All Time

Video Games are a chance to immerse yourself in a great story where you are the protagonist, regardless of gender, background and setting.  it’s the stories that makes them so interesting


One of the most impactful storyline twists in games goes to Spec Ops: The Line.

Throughout the entire game, the protagonist Captain Martin Walker has been speaking to the exiled Colonel John Konrad on a small handheld radio. Throughout the story, Konrad constantly questions the morality of Walker’s actions, even forcing him at one point to choose between executing an Emirati survivor or 33rd soldier, both of whom have committed serious crimes.


However, at the game nears its final scenes, you discover the twist. Walker stumbles across Konrad’s decaying corpse, and it turns out Walker has been suffering from a dissociative disorder that used the hallucination of Konrad to rationalise his actions.

Despite the truth literally lying in front of Walker, he still sees ‘Konrad’ point a gun at his head asking him to decide who is to blame for the events in Dubai. 

It’s quite a turn for the gaming books and has proven to be one of the most shocking twists in gaming history.


The awful part about the plot twist in Red Dead Redemption was that you thought they were all going to live happily ever after. Our hero John Marston has managed to get out of his deal with Ross and has returned to the ranch where his wife Abigail and son Jack are waiting.


However, despite John’s pledge to stay out of the outlaw life forever, he’s presented with a surprise attack from a combined force of lawmen, soldiers and government agents led by Ross. He manages to fend off several waves of attackers and get his family to safety, but just as you think everything’s on the up, he’s shot numerous times by Ross and his men.


We maintain that inFamous is one of the most underrated game series of recent years, especially the earlier games that tell the tale of a young man attempting to get a grip on his new-found superpowers.

The original game was not only a blast, but it also contains a few surprise plot twists. The first is a real kick to the feels, when the antagonist Kessler kills your girlfriend.


But the second major plot twist is in the final battle with Kessler. You discover, much to all our surprise, that Kessler is actually a future version of you that has travelled back in time to bestow you with your superpowers earlier than originally planned. The end goal is to make you more powerful than Kessler is now, eventually.

It’s a bit of a head-scratcher at first, but it’s a great twist and setup for the sequel where you go after Kessler once and for all.


In some ways you can forget the rest, because the most fiendish and mind-blowing plot twist of all came from the original Bioshock. It manages to completely twist every action you’ve performed in the game so far and even manages to make a comment on the manipulative nature of videogames themselves.

From the outset, you’ve been talked to and guided by a chap called Atlas, who always uses the phrase “Would you kindly” before giving you an instruction. It’s something you might not notice to begin with, or dismiss as a polite formality, but it turns out that this phrase has a more chilling connotation.


Eventually you find out that “Would you kindly” are actually the words needed to trigger the protagonist to do anything Atlas bids him to, thanks to some pre-game brainwashing. Atlas isn’t the friendly voice in our ear we thought he was: he’s actually an evil mastermind.

Throughout the game you’ve been undertaking all these tasks – some of them fairly unpleasant – without even thinking about it. Just as you do when you play videogames.

Source – DigitalSpy