Worst Video Game Console Controller Of All Time

However, whilst Nintendo certainly gave us some incredibly innovative components that the industry would take and run with, both they and many other manufacturers are guilty of throwing out some duds too.

Wii U Gamepad

Sorry Nintendo, you were just too quick out the door with this one. Whilst the Switch refines and makes more appealing the notion of an all-portable home console, this half-step resulted in a controller that looked as though every major console feature had been thrown in a pot, the result being some flash-fried concoction of potential with zero execution.

wii u

To be totally fair to it, the Gamepad did allow you to turn off the TV and play something like Wind Waker HD on your couch, but the whole thing felt like a Fisher Price-esque, ‘My First Controller’.

It was bulky, quick to make your hands ache, had zero design aesthetic other than the kitchen sink approach, and included a weird little ‘lip’ on the back that, well, I still have no idea what that was for.

Basically, if the horrendous mass of pulped flesh that emerges at the close of INSIDEwas a game controller, it’d be the Wii U Gamepad.

PSP’s Analogue Nub

Sony still haven’t come anywhere close to mastering the handheld market (probably because they tend to release something with all the support of a toothpick under a skyscraper) but on the iterative hardware side, it’s not for lack of trying.


The original PSP went through two iterations in quick succession, both of which came with a just-plain-weird analogue ‘nub’ in place of an actual stick. Handling the thing, it was more like a trying to control an analogue ‘disc’, sliding across the surface of the PSP, mostly being functional, but forever making you wonder why they didn’t just put a miniature stick on there instead.

Come time for the PS Vita, Sony would finally do what they should have years prior, yet by that point, the PSP/Vita name was so far buried under bad marketing and half-supported software, it never stood a chance against the 3DS.

The Duke – Xbox

Despite the Xbox 360 being a generation-dominating behemoth of perfect technical specs and immaculate software, it took Microsoft half of their previous console generation before half of the populace could even pick up a pad.


Case in point: The original Xbox controller, nicknamed ‘The Duke’ due to its mammoth size. Clearly part of some sort of “Let’s target older gamers” marketing push, Microsoft seemed to forget the part where that doesn’t always mean said ‘adults’ will have hands the size of shovels.

Needless to say, many consumers literally couldn’t get to grips with the thing, resulting in Microsoft releasing the Xbox Controller S; a far more considered, logical step forward for the remainder of the Xbox, which also carried onto the 360 and Xbox One’s designs.

Nintendo Power Glove

“Everything else is… working.”

Testament to just how cool Nintendo made the Power Glove in 1989 (they helped produce a whole movie around it called The Wizard), this completely ineffectual, ‘the future is now’-style piece of tech failed more than miserably.


In part thanks to the tech of 1989 not remotely being able to deliver on the notion of a one-size-fits-all glove that lets you ‘reach into the screen and control the action’, it mostly sucked, because back in ’89, games hadn’t even gone 3D.

Nintendo touted all sorts of features like being able to waggle one finger that would trigger ‘unique power-ups’ or flicking your wrist to throw someone over your shoulder in Double Dragon – all the while saying the glove would be mapped in ‘real 3D space’, like how VR finally is now, some 25+ years later.

Needless to say, none of this functionality was present, and even if you did manage to get it to respond, chances are the motion you did had nothing to do with what just happened onscreen.

Source – Whatculture

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