The Reason Behind Why PC Gaming Is Still Better Than Console Gaming

Console gaming has become increasingly tricky and difficult to justify as technologies shift and gamers’ attitudes change, and after decades of superiority, your consoles are now showing signs of fading into whatever comes next

High costs

Gaming is not a cheap hobby, no matter how you slice it. Even if you score all of your games on the cheap six months after their release, you’ll usually still need an Internet connection in order to enjoy the full scope of any game, as well as an HD television.


If you break your controller in a fit of excitement or noob rage, that’s another fifty bucks tacked onto the experience, and if you want to really experience the full breadth of a game, you should have picked up the limited edition box set months ago, as well as pay another fifty bucks for DLC now. It adds up quickly, but as many gamers say, “At least it’s not crack.”

No backward compatibility

Did we mention that gaming consoles are expensive too? When you’re dropping a few hundred on a new system to play the newest Call of Duty, you’d reasonably expect that your PlayStation 4 would play older PlayStation games—but you’d be wrong.


While some consoles support the games of their ancestors, it’s becoming even more rare that you can enjoy your classic games without keeping your older systems around, and then you just have an unholy firetrap of wires and power strips. If you’re gaming on a PC, this is rarely an issue, because some ultra-nerd somewhere has already made a patch between your OS and whatever your old game needs. Sure Xbox One is doing pretty good with backward compatibility but still its expensive and does have enough games to compete with a full fledged gaming pc

PC gaming specs


Invariably, people playing on PCs are operating at the peak of human accomplishment when it comes to video games. Your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are sweet, but compared to the PC, you might as well be chilling on your Colecovision. Everyone has seen game mods on YouTube that look like a high-def video of an actual alien planet, or like someone brought a GoPro to World War I, but none of that is possible on your lowly console. Even though it’s exclusively dedicated to gaming, that still doesn’t mean that it’s the best at what it does.



The other problem with your console is that it’s pretty much stuck with whatever it’s been given at birth. Unless you’re a daring modder, you’re probably not going to be cracking open your PlayStation unless you’re surgically implanting a new hard drive to handle all of your Assassin’s Creed wallpapers. Consoles are not devices that are meant to be easily customized, but if you’re gaming on a PC, your only limit is available technology. When you can swap out hard drives, RAM, and graphics cards that easily, you’ll always be at the top of your game.

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#The Reason Behind Why PC Gaming Is Still Better Than Console Gaming