Top 5 Reason Why Playstation 3 Is Still Worth Buying

There are plenty of reasons (and almost 1,500 games) to pick up your DualShock 3 again, and get back into it. Prices are now as low as £100 for a second hand system and games can be had for literally a few pounds. You could even pick up the original fat system that has PlayStation 2 compatibility, and open yourself up to over 6,000 games from PlayStations 1, 2 and 3, all without paying a monthly penny for the likes of PlayStation Now.

PS Plus Subscription

If you did decide to pay for a PlayStation Plus subscription (bearing in mind online multiplayer was free on PS3) then you’d have access to the instant game collection – PlayStation’s answer to Microsoft’s Games with Gold.

Over the years there were quite a number of AAA games released for free like Just Cause 2, Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield 3 and Bioshock Infinite.


Whilst the games have started to dry up somewhat over the last six months as the focus is now definitely on PlayStation 4 rather than 3, a recent heavy-hitter came in the form of DiRT 3, and its sidekick Costume Quest 2 was also excellent.

It’s a shame there’s not a way for new PS3 players to have the library on-tap with some sort of halfway house between the instant game collection and rental/streaming service PlayStation Now, but if you’ve been a paid member and kept up with the downloads, you’ve amassed yourself games to keep you playing for many years yet.

Pre-Owned Prices

Here are some recent, genuine prices for PlayStation 3 games, bought in the UK. Grand Theft Auto V for £5.00. Battlefield 3 for £1.99 (which still has a decent player count online.) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for £1.50 and even that still has players online. The Last of Us for £8.00. Far Cry 4 for £7.00.


For the cost of one PlayStation 4 quality indie or preowned title – let’s say £20 – price-conscious gamers can net a bundle of quality games for PlayStation 3. With nearly 1,500 games released over the lifetime of the console between 2006 and 2016, there’s no way you’ll have completed the lot even if you do have a five-hour-a-day habit.


PS3 consoles themselves can be nabbed for £100 or less, often with five or more games packed in.

Whether you’re searching in the pre-owned section of your local games retailer, hunting on online auction sites for disc-only listings, promotional copies of games or simply checking your local community ads, amazing games (and the systems themselves) can be gotten ridiculously cheaply for PlayStation 3.


PlayStation 3 owners still have two actual big-name games to look forward to in 2017. Persona 5 is due in early April and Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy series is also due to have its release date nailed down in 2017. These aren’t just minor titles that people aren’t interested in; Persona 5 has a large following (having already released in Japan) and Telltale games traditionally do well, too.


2016 also saw its fair share of releases for PS3. From LEGO titles like Avengers and Star Wars The Force Awakens to Tales of Berseria and the Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster – there was still plenty for devoted fans of the system to tuck into. That included the obligatory entries in the FIFA/Pro Evo series’ too.

It’s amazing to think that after three years of PlayStation 4 there are still games being put out for its older brother. It makes the last gasp of the Wii U all the more saddening and disappointing in comparison.


The origin story of DLC will probably never move away from the infamous horse armour for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but look further, and there are a ton of titles with excellent downloadable add-ons.

Fallout 3 has expanded mission content with Operation: Anchorage and the huge and absurd Mothership Zeta which builds brilliantly on the already awesome main game.

Both Mass Effect 2 and 3 saw plenty of additional missions and expanded systems – even bringing back characters from the original game to please fans. Rockstar Games took it further still with whole additional chunks of game like The Lost and The Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony for GTA IV – new miniature entries in the series in their own right that had new protagonists and game mechanics.

red dead redemption

Red Dead Redemption had perhaps the finest DLC: Undead Nightmare. This turned the original game on its head by transforming the wild west into a zombie apocalypse stricken land. The game was totally refreshed, and it feels slightly unfair to even call it ‘add-on’ content – it was almost its own new game.

The PS3/360 era was rather the golden era for DLC, before the dark times. Before microtransactions.


The kings of last-gen multiplayer are, happily, still reigning. You’ll have trouble with games that never really hit the big leagues of multiplayer like Far Cry 3, but Far Cry 4 is certainly an option. The Last of Us is still healthy enough to host matches too, as is Uncharted 3.

And let’s not forget the titles that were almighty online: Call of Duty and Battlefield with their final entries on PS3 (Black Ops 3 and Hardline) are still going strong, plus, Battlefield 3 always has enough players to jump straight into matches, and is still a blast.

Going back to older titles is even fruitful: Modern Warfare 2 claims to have no players, yet still loads matches with no problem whatsoever – albeit you’ll encounter a few hacked matches here and there.


Elsewhere, Gran Turismo 6 still stands as a fine example of online racing as there’s yet to be a Gran Turismo come out on PlayStation 4 in the form of GT Sport, due sometime this year. And this conversation wouldn’t go anywhere without the all-singing, all-dancing multiplayer title Grand Theft Auto V.

Whether you’re into racing, team deathmatches or simply goofing around in an open world, GTA V has you covered and will be running for a long time yet – even though the DLC has moved exclusively to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 3 was designed to have a long life as its predecessor did and there’s life in the old dog yet. Here’s to a few more years of gaming glory!

Source – Whatculture

#Top 5 Reason Why Playstation 3 Is Still Worth Buying