Great Playstation 4 Video Games That You’ve Never Heard Of

Plenty of games go unnoticed by the general public, and it’s a real shame. Sometimes it’s down to poor promotion and advertising, whilst sometimes it’s a case of a much bigger title releasing at the same time, completely overshadowing all else for a good few weeks.

Infamous First Light

Infamous has been a PlayStation favourite for years, and whilst Second Son may not have been perfect, it did lead to a fairly interesting piece of DLC.

To be honest, calling it ‘DLC’ isn’t entirely accurate, as it’s more of a completely standalone, on-disc expansion. Players take on the role of Fetch, a girl with her own completely unique set of superpowers. She has the power to create and control a neon light-like substance, allowing her to jump and zoom around, fight enemies, and even create graffiti art.


It’s only a few hours long, but First Light is a nice alternative to sitting down and playing through a huge game.

It’s also very cheap. The original price was only a fraction of the cost of Second Son at launch, and it’s even less, now First Light has been out for a few years.

Dragon Quest Builders

This game is Minecraft with a story mode, and I’m not talking about Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode.

The ever popular Dragon Quest series brings another delightful spin-off title, this time with a very heavy focus on building. The landscape is blocky (as in it’s made out of actual blocks), and full of life.


Basic gameplay is fairly similar to Minecraft in terms of crafting and assembling places from scratch, but you’re set on a specific story path to defeat a big baddy, and restore a ruined city to its former glory along the way.

Where you really had to make your own fun in Minecraft, Builders gives you a hook and and politely asks you to bite from the very start. A good few of the missions are to build specific things, but they don’t ever get boring, as you’re always traveling to new locations and seeing something new each time.

Gravity Rush Remastered

This time we’ve got the original Gravity Rush, originally released on the Playstation Vita in 2012.

Whilst the sequel has just released, there’s now little excuse not to start from the beginning, with it being ported over to the PS4.


Gravity Rush is a non-physics sandbox. As Kat, the playable character, you can turn gravity on and off again as you please, allowing for freedom of movement and exploration.

Up, down, left and right quickly lose all meaning once you get to grips with the controls and start moving around in every conceivable direction. Combat is fun and unique, taking the already innovative movement controls and instead using them to launch yourself towards enemies to deliver very heavy blows.

A.O.T Wings Of Freedom

The insanely popular anime series Attack On Titan receives yet another tie-in video game treatment.

Surprisingly, it’s actually really good!

Developers Omega Force bring an abridged version of the first season of the anime to PS4, stripping down some minor story content to make way for high speed action gameplay. All of the major plot points and events of the first season are covered however, and Wings Of Freedom put you right in the centre of it all.


You’ll take control of Eren, Mikasa and Armin in different chapters, as you zip around various districts and locales on your 3DMG (Three Dimensional Manoeuvre Gear).

The combat can be a little hectic at times, but practice leads to precision. You’ll need to anchor on to various body parts of the Titans before boosting up and slicing them off. You can also take control of Eren in Titan form, running around punching things in the face, really, really hard.

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#Great Playstation 4 Video Games That You’ve Never Heard Of