Dark Video Game Theories That Makes Games Really Depressing

Whether they’re true or not, people have invested a lot of time and effort looking into these theories, and some of them can really make you think about what you’re seeing on the screen.

Luigi Killed Himself In Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion might be the closest the Mario franchise has ever come to a horror game. However, it’s still a lighthearted affair and appropriate for all ages.

At least, until you get to the mansion’s attic.

Once you enter the top room of the house, a flash of lightning passes by the window, casting Luigi’s shadow on the opposite wall. However, the shadow seems to be hovering slightly above the ground.


A lot of people shrugged it off as a glitch, but those are the kind of fools who don’t spend hours spinning elaborate stories out of tiny video game details. The rest of us knew the truth though: It was clearly evidence that the real Luigi hanged himself in the attic, and we were actually playing as his ghost.

It may seem like a coincidence, but proponents have pointed that the shadow seems far too well placed to be a mistake. The theory also fits with the rumours that the game was originally meant to be a lot darker and Nintendo’s love of slipping adult humour into their games, like the infamous Pokemon trainer couple who use an Onix and a Cloyster.


So what pushed Luigi over the edge? The fear of living inside a haunted mansion? The stress of always playing second fiddle to Mario? Or was it the inescapable memory of the Super Mario Bros. movie ?

Animal Crossing

You can’t find a game more innocent than Animal Crossing. Obviously then, there’s a theory that it’s really about a cult.

Think about it, you’re just brought there one day, shown a house that has been assigned to you and immediately thrown into a life of working to pay off a debt you never asked for. What happens when you pay off that debt? Your house gets an unwanted extension and you’re forced to pay off an even bigger debt. Put like that, it makes perfect sense that it’s all the work of a cult forcing you into an endless cycle of work.


Other things that ratchet up the game’s creepiness factor include the fact that the only exit for the town is sealed behind a giant door and constantly guard and that no-one else in the town is human, but they still seem fully aware of what humans are. The only explanation is that you aren’t the first human to visit Animal Crossing, but no other person is ever mentioned.

Obviously, a lot of this is tongue in cheek. However, something that should give everyone pause for thought is the fact that you are brought to Animal Crossing by Kapp’n, whose name is a play on Kappa, a Japanese demon that kidnaps children.

Majora’s Mask

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is one of the best games in the series. However, compared to the others, something about it has always felt a little bit off.

It’s probably due to the looming presence of the Moon about to hit Termina; a constant reminder of impending destruction and the desperate race for more time that makes Majora’s Mask so much darker than other Zelda games. It’s thanks to this oppressive atmosphere that so many compelling theories surround the game.


One of the most well thought out is that Majora’s Mask is actually a metaphor for death. The game begins with Link searching for his friend, Navi. Weirdly though, by the time the game ends, Link hasn’t found his companion and even seems to have forgotten about them. That’s because Navi is dead, and the whole game is about Link learning to accept that.


Link’s journey seems to take him through the classic five stages of grief: The townsfolk of Termina are in denial about the impending apocalypse, the King of Woodfall is irrationally angry, a ghost in Snowfall is bargaining to get his life back, and Lulu in Great Bay is depressed that her eggs are gone.

Finally, Link faces four versions of himself (representing the stages), and gains the light arrows, symbolising his acceptance of Navi’s death.

Source – Whatculture

#Dark Video Game Theories That Makes Games Really Depressing