The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Vs Horizon Zero Dawn – Battle Of Open World RPG

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Horizon Zero Dawn. Which was better, Geralt’s final adventure or Aloy’s debut?

Open World

Both open worlds are simply extraordinary. Delivering a massive environment full of NPCs, hostile enemies, and side missions to complete. The difference between these 2 worlds go beyond their layout with Horizon Zero Dawn being completely absent of loading screens while The Witcher 3 breaks the environment into 2 realms.


Both environments offer diverse locations containing weather altering conditions, day and night cycles, and distinct life. However, what gives The Witcher’s universe an edge over Horizon Zero Dawn is travelling and music.


At times I would walk around The Witcher’s world just to listen to the musical score and best of all is that I didn’t need to hunt for my mount. Horizon Zero Dawn does offer more fast travel options and the ability to call a mount once you’ve upgraded Aloy’s Forager tree but it didn’t alleviate the vexation early on in the game. Having to craft fast-travel packs and hunt for mounts extended earlier portions of the game by forcing the player to run everywhere. At least Guerrilla Games made Aloy’s sprint infinite.


The story of both of these games, simply put, are extraordinary tales. Horizon Zero Dawn and The Witcher 3 constantly add new challenges and mysteries that kept the story interesting. Geralt’s search for Ciri is full of amazing boss fights and difficult decisions. Aloy’s journey in search of answers surrounding her birth has some of the most impressive twists and unexpected revelations I’ve ever experienced.


However, The Witcher 3 provided the players with many reasons to start again thanks to the game’s multiple endings and branching story. Horizon Zero Dawn didn’t provide the same level of quality side missions or a branching story but the first playthrough left a lasting impact that I’m still lamenting on.


Horizon Zero Dawn not only provides a riveting story but it’s easy to follow. The Witcher 3 is a deeply political game, rich with lore and requires the player’s absolute commitment to understand and appreciate fully. CD Projekt RED doesn’t cut corners in their game and demands that the player understand the political turmoil within the game to make critical decisions. Horizon Zero Dawn’s story is a much easier tale that delivers a heavy set of discoveries over the game of the adventure. I was happy to see the consequences of all my actions fully realized by the end of The Witcher 3 but nothing in The Witcher 3 made my jaw drop as much as Horizon Zero Dawn.

Swords vs Lance

Both of these games play radically different. The Witcher 3 focuses more on RPG open-ended combat where the player must not only rely on parrying, dodging, and attacking but preparation. Knowing your enemies weakness, preparing potions for the combat ahead, and exploiting their weaknesses are essential to victory in The Witcher 3. Horizon Zero Dawn plays on these similar gameplay elements but in another way.


Like Geralt Aloy must exploit the weaknesses of enemy machines. Using her Focus she can analyze a target’s weaknesses, including flaws in its armor and instability towards specific elements. Aloy has access to different types of firearms ranging from her traditional bow and arrow to heavy crossbows and slingshots that fire bombs. Equally, Geralt has other options than his swords such as his Signs, crossbow, and various traps, bombs, and poisons. However, unlike Aloy Geralt usually has one option when it comes to combat. The Witcher can talk his way out of battles but can only rely on head-on fights when words, or mind manipulation, fails. Aloy can sneak and take enemies by surprise, weakening their armor or killing them outright.

Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s hard to consider one style better than the other here. Both games offer unique gameplay elements and the enemy types in both titles gives the player challenging encounters without cycling through droves of mindless foes. However, when it comes to full control Aloy delivers. Geralt is an effective swordsman but using the crossbow can be clunky at times.

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