Most Promising Looking Upcoming Video Games For Nintendo Switch

It’s been highly anticipated, and it’s finally arrived. But one question remains: which game should you get?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Skyrim” amazed players with its endless open-ended gameplay, magnificent world, and memorable characters. Gaming fans went ballistic when they saw footage of “Skyrim” during the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, although some were hesitant due to the game’s system requirements, which they feared the Switch would not be able to meet. While the potential performance issues are up in the air, we’re still beyond excited. It’s “Skyrim” on the go! What more could you want from a mobile system!?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Technically it’s the 3rd Title in the “Xenoblade Chronicles” series, but just like Xenoblade Chronicles X, this title is once again an original story, with it’s premise also being unique yet sharing a lot of similarities with the first Xenoblade Chronicles game, you still with me?

xenoblade 2 nintendo switch

This sequel changes a few things up from the original, including a new protagonist who is searching for Elysium and a new chibi-inspired art style rather than the more realistic human graphics of yore. The composers from the first game are also returning for the sequel, so you can all rest easy and expect the same old magnificence we’ve been accustomed to. Fans of JRPGs definitely need to mark their calendars for this one.

Splatoon 2

Speaking of “Splatoon,” a sequel is actually being released, and we couldn’t be more pumped. “Splatoon” was released in 2015 for the Wii U and became one of the console’s biggest surprises. It seems like everyone couldn’t get enough of the addicting gameplay, memorable soundtrack, and colorful art style.


The sequel aims to take everything that we loved about the original and expand upon it, with new weapons, new and possibly updated versions of old maps, zip lines, and even more colours, if that’s possible. It’s also incorporating LAN Multiplayer, there’s something we haven’t seen on consoles in a long time. With the original game’s hardcore fanbase and the Switch’s newcomers, “Splatoon 2” is almost guaranteed to be a huge success.

Super Mario Odyssey

And what would a new Nintendo console be without-a little Mario!? The Nintendo 64 launched with “Super Mario 64” which changed the gaming landscape forever, and while we don’t expect “Odyssey” to do that, we’re certainly excited nonetheless. Miyamoto has said that this is a return to roots for the series, as it is based in an open world setting akin to “64” and “Sunshine,” and really, who doesn’t love those games?

super mario oddesey

The game features extremely detailed and exciting locations like New Donk City which look to be highly explorable, along with new abilities, such as using Mario’s cap as a spring. Couple that with the amazing animations, and you have what looks to be one of the biggest Mario games ever.

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

Man, they’re really milking “Street Fighter II” for all its worth, aren’t they? Over 25 years after the original’s release, an updated version is coming for the Switch, maintaining the classic gameplay of old while adding a few fresh twists. One neat thing about the game is its different graphical styles, as players can change between the classic pixel art of old “Street Fighter” games and the Visual style of the HD remix released back in 2008. Some new mechanics include grapple breaks and an exclusive first person battle mode.


With 19 characters to choose from and the aforementioned additions, this iteration is looking to be the most complete experience of the game yet. Until Super Ultra Maximum Street Fighter II comes out, of course.

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#Most Promising Looking Upcoming Video Games For Nintendo Switch