Ghost Recon Wildlands Is Just Like Every Other Ubisoft Open World Games

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is out tomorrow. If you’re wondering whether to pick it up, these reviews might help.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is set for release tomorrow.

An open-world tactical shooter, Wildlands is set in Bolivia, which has become increasingly unstable as the Santa Blanca drug cartel increase their power and influence. It’s your job to take them down with an AI team, or in co-op.


I really did not enjoy the beta and as of now i am not even very much fan of the full game still halfway through the Co-op is still interesting but pretty much very limited. It’s actually very much like other Ubisoft games the missions are fairly similar just like watch dogs 2 where you have to hack something and in Assassins creed you have to assassinate someone.

Let me explain

Assassins Creed – you have to go to some place to assassinate a target for that you have to create opportunities and the area is restricted with guards which you also have to kill and then assasinate the target

Watch Dogs – You have to hack a device to gain the access to files and data and for that you have to create oppurtinites and that area is also restricted by guards so you have to fight them or just hack the device with your gadgets.

Ghost Recon Wildlands – you have to interrogate or escort a person for that you have to enter a restricted area and fight you way through and then same thing over and again.

So did you guys get it ? all i want to say is if you have a played other ubisoft games then you are going to get pretty bored with Wildlands. that’s my opinion

Source – Vg247

#Ghost Recon Wildlands Is Just Like Every  Other Ubisoft Open World Games