Overlooked Video Games That Deserves Second Chance

It takes just 1/10th of a second to form a judgement about someone, and even that can be too long for some people. While we might be slightly more forgiving of games, we still form our opinions pretty quickly.


Why it got overlooked:

Everyone was all set to return to the hugely successful sci-fi, turn-based strategy series and tackle the invading aliens one more time in XCOM 2 – when it turned out the sequel was insanely difficult.


Players constantly found themselves out-manned, outgunned, and, with the introduction of a new time limit system, players felt they were forced to play in a way they weren’t comfortable with.

Why it deserves a second chance:

The whole premise of the game is to make you feel like you’re on the back foot at all times. The permadeath of your troops, the struggle to find resources on an alien-controlled planet, the fear of these superior beings – it’s all part of the struggle as mankind tries desperately to fight back.

XCOM 2 makes you play differently to Enemy Unknown because the situation haschanged. Mankind isn’t the dominant species anymore, so players should play the game with that desperation in mind.


If that pitch doesn’t get you playing again, Firaxis have also released patches that have toned the difficulty down slightly. The game’s Normal difficulty is still far from casual, but you’ll feel much more empowered on the battlefield.


Why it got overlooked:

Two words. Episodic release. I’ll hold my hands up – I was one of the many gamers who thought we were being duped when Square Enix announced Hitman levels would be released episodically.

hitman__2015__wallpaper_by_darkgizmo-d8xrtsk (1)

IO Interactive told us it would give them more time to make the levels more in-depth and provide longer gameplay through the multitude of missions per location, and many of us collectively rolled our eyes at the obvious attempt to take more of our money.

“No, thanks!”

Why it deserves a second chance:

Well, it turns out IO Interactive and Square Enix were telling the truth. The levels on Hitman aren’t only gorgeous to look at and thrilling to explore, but they’re enormous!

They also delivered on their promise of replayability, with multiple contracts and challenges in addition to the main story missions. Even better, the entire season is now available to play for the price of a single title.


While there is a main story, Hitman doesn’t overdo it like it did with Absolution, and instead harking back to the glory days of Blood Money with numerous, creative ways to dispatch your targets.

Titanfall 2

Why it got overlooked:

The Titanfall series was always joining a fiercely competitive market. The Battlefield and Call of Duty series are long established series favourites and the first-person shooter equivalent of FIFA vs Pro Evo.

TitanFall 2

While Call of Duty’s movement into futuristic shoot-em ups is fairly recent, it’s a brand that is difficult to compete with – especially as Titanfall 2 was released slap bang in the middle of Battlefield 1 and Infinite War.

Why it deserves a second chance:

At the risk of upsetting the Battlefield and CoD fan boys; Titanfall 2 is better! Battlefield 1 has it’s moments, but the campaign gets tiring – online is where Battlefield has always excelled and where it belongs.


The CoD plots have been getting progressively more insane since Modern Warfare 2. Titanfall 2 takes all the innovation from the first game, with the battling Mechs and the enhanced, parkour’ing pilots, and adds a far more exciting plot with multiple ways of completing objectives.

CoD has already borrowed several innovations from Titanfall, such as the wall-running and one DLC map with Mechs, proving that Titanfall 2 is expanding the capabilities and gameplay of the genre.

Source – Whatculture