Amazing Video Games Characters That Needs To Comeback

We all need a hero in gaming – an icon that we can embrace, identify and champion accordingly. From Mario’s moustached face helping drive sales for Nintendo to the slender snout of Crash Bandicoot making PlayStation a Sega Saturn-beater, these guys were and remain gaming’s A-list, characters that will skip from generation to generation, constantly appearing in new adventures.



One of the most memorable aspect of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins was the debut of Wario, the Hans Gruber to Mario’s John McClane.


Identifiable by a big ‘W’ on his hat (natch) Nintendo’s newest big bad went on to star in his own platforming franchise (the Wario Land series), puzzle adventures (WarioWare) and make an obligatory appearance in Mario Kart 64. He was a big, leering caricature, but one that people really liked.


It’s been almost ten years since the last Wario Land title and we’ve all been left twiddling our mustaches in anticipation for when this antihero will resurface.

Like a lot of sidelined Nintendo characters, though,

Manuel “Manny” Calavera


It’s been nearly twenty years since we were first whisked into the Land Of The Dead, pawns in Tim Schafer’s intricate tale of double crossing and murder upon murder, all within the afterlife travel agency biz.

Everyone had their favourite puzzle or act, but our fondest memories lie with Manny, an easy-going, on hard times hero, who just wants to shuffle out of purgatory and save a woman in peril.


It’s his cool one liners (‘I can’t go strolling through the halls now… I’m on the lam!’) and creative use of a scythe that made Grim Fandango the classic it is today.


Schafer and his LucasArts minions proved they had a good sequel in them way before Grim Fandango was released with Day Of The Tentacle. Alas, with no prospect of a Fandango-themed follow up on the horizon, it looks like we’ll have to settle for 2015’s clean to the bone remaster.

Sergeant Gary “Roach” Sanderson & Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley


Okay, this is technically two characters, but hear us out. The moment that Shepherd betrays his unit, country and anyone else you can think of by sucker shooting two of Call Of Duty’s shining stars remains a jaw-drop chapter in gaming history.


So much so that this writer is starting a call to arms for Ghost and Roach to be revived in a standalone adventure. Let’s face it, the series hasn’t been the same since that fateful moment at the wooded extraction point.


No sign or mention from Infinity Ward of a spin-off adventure, but, seeing as fans are calling for the series to go all Battlefield and give us a more back to basics experience, what’s stopping them from retrofitting their characters’ histories a bit to fit a game around some of Ghost and Roach’s earlier escapades?


Throw in Shepherd and the game will have an added sense of poignancy, what with players all too aware of the fate that awaits these classic characters.

Earthworm Jim


Woah and Nelly. Two words that are synonymous with only one character: The mighty Earthworm Jim.

Originally envisaged as a toy line to rival the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the canny folk at Playmates Toys decided to launch their creation in a videogame. The result was a game like no other for its time, a surreal platformer where you take control of a Super-Suited hero with a wise mouth, a devastating ray gun and a head that is so resourceful it puts Guybrush Threepwood’s rubber chicken (with a pulley in the middle) to shame.



The game was a huge hit when released for the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, spawning a sequel and, as intended, its own TV series.


Sequel Earthworm Jim 2 was a great follow up, but there was a slight decline in quality with the oh-so-cleverly-titled Earthworm Jim 3D.

His latest adventure, Menace 2 The Galaxy, was a lot worse, meaning that since 1999 we’ve been living in a Jim-free universe. In 2008 developer Interplay proudly announced that a fourth coming of the worm would happen, but to date this has been stuck in development limbo.

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