How Microsoft Xbox One Is Destroying Playstation 4 Digital Dream

Back when the Xbox One was unveiled, gamers cried foul at the idea of a digital focused console. “Think of our internet connection” was the general cry at the time, as gamers would have been forced to rely on their internet connection to both register and play their games. It was a response strong enough to force Microsoft into a stand down, as Sony delighted and revelled in their rivals decline. How we all laughed at E3 2013 as Sony said you could trade in video games and lend them to friends without boundaries. The sales figures reflect this, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a monster success while Xbox One has been struggling to keep pace.


Yet upon reflection, Microsoft never really truly abandoned that vision. The Xbox One may have ditched some of its more ambitious plans, but the company has still been pushing its digital agenda. Throughout this generation its introduced a number of schemes and services that reward those who invest in the company’s digital services, slowly introducing these and steadily reinforcing the vision they originally presented.

With the announcement of Xbox Game Pass today, it highlights an area where Xbox is all but pummelling its rival into the dirt. While Xbox One owners can revisit a slew of the last generations offerings, so long as they own a copy of the game, Sony forces users into its awkward (and recently scaled down) PlayStation Now service. It’s an awkward hole in Sony’s successes this generation – a bewildering absence that’s not even been close to addressed. PlayStation Now has been largely forgotten and left to wilt in the sun while Microsoft has been imprinting its policies.


Sony needs to start taking notes from its rival. It’s position as the top selling console is secure – it’s very unlikely that Xbox One will surpass PlayStation 4 in lifetime sales. But if Sony doesn’t begin shifting its focus and at least begin to offer the kind of versatile options that gamers can get on Xbox One – then 2-3 years down the line it may struggle to be such a compelling option for gamers. Why would anyone choose a console where games cost $60 a pop when you can wait several months and get it bundled with dozens of other titles in Xbox Game Pass?

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Each of these services are optional, but options are good in an age where consumers want choice. Sony’s lack of decisiveness is evident in their failure to respond to the rise of these services. Success is fleeting and when a better (and cheaper option) exists, it only serves to undermine their long term position.

For Sony, the time is now to begin changing its direction because as every digital success piles up for Microsoft, PlayStation is looking less and less appealing in the long term. Sony can’t ignore that forever.

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#How Microsoft Xbox One Is Destroying Playstation 4 Digital Dream