Every Leaked Details About New Batman Arkham Insurgency Video Game

At this stage in the rollout of Arkham games from both Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Montreal, you’re either in two camps: 1. The basic ‘Batman combat’ is just as enjoyable as it ever was, and you can enjoy the games as throwaway Joker-thwarting romps without worrying about how similar each one feels. Or 2. Arkham Knight was the last time you were actively excited to jump back into that mould – a notion bolstered by Rocksteady returning, who have now departed for this next game

You Play As Batman And Robin

Some of the best parts of Arkham Knight were the team-up missions between Batman and Nightwing, not only because you got the feeling that two proficient crimefighters were combining their efforts thematically, but because we got to bust out those thoroughly badass combo moves, smashing foes faces’ into the ground through a number of tag-team specials.

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It seems WB Montreal always knew that was going to be a standout positive, and have made it so Arkham Insurgency includes both Batman and Robin as regular playable characters – a first for the series. Apparently this won’t translate into the open world a la Arkham City’s inclusion of Catwoman, and how much you’ll be able to swap between the two is as-yet unknown. Still, WB Montreal have created an entirely separate skill tree to unlocking all manner of combo moves and animations for the duo, so you should be spending a ton of time together.


Also note, this is the original Dick Grayson Robin, who has been working with Batman for two years at the time of Insurgency, the leak stating his costume is “less armoured, and more green [as the team] took inspiration from the New 52 design of Dick Grayson as Robin.”

All that said, does this mean we’re skirting over how the pair meet and how their dynamic is established?

Joker’s Back (Again)

‘Spose you can’t have a Batman story without the Joker… although I really wish we’d get one eventually.


So the overall story of Arkham Insurgency is that both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate prison’s greatest villains have – you guessed it – broken loose all over Gotham once again.

It’s apparently revealed that Joker is the one leading the pack, though the leak does go to lengths to explain that whilst the Clown Prince is behind a key point in the story, he’s not the main villain, mostly is just doing his own thing, and will even “help out Batman and Robin if it benefits him.”

Expanded Interiors, Wayne Manor & Batcave

At some point it’s going to feel a little daft ‘revealing’ parts of a huge landmass that we somehow totally missed – yet were there all along – but whatever, video games.

Regardless, we’re apparently heading to a ‘coastal area’ of Gotham, which yes, sounds completely anathema to the forever-damp and neon-kissed ruined affluence of traditional Gotham, but it could provide the welcome respite and breath of fresh air we need from the series.


You’ll also be able to dart between this sizeable area (which is similar to the three islands of Arkham Knight, according to the leak), Wayne Manor and the Batcave, though as yet, there’s no comment as to whether we’re revisiting the Asylum again.

Hugo Strange DLC

Much like Arkham Knight’s character-focussed story DLC and Origins’ ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ Mr. Freeze expansion, Insurgence is going to feature a sizeable DLC add-on focused entirely on Hugo Strange.


Being that one of the biggest lingering questions after Arkham City remains “Just how the hell did Strange know Bruce was Batman in the first place?!”, there’s every possibility this will address that qualm immediately.

Yes, there are still many years between this supposed DLC and the events of City, but why else pluck Hugo Strange out of Batman’s roster as a focal point?

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#Every Leaked Details About New Batman Arkham Insurgency Video Game