Absolute Best Things About Nintendo Switch

My early take is that people will want the Switch to succeed, enough to push it far past the Wii U anyway, but as you start saving up, considering an early pre-order or are still on the fence.

World’s First Portable Home Console Experience

The reality of the Switch – especially now the press have gotten some hands-on time – is that all of Nintendo’s claims for a ‘portable home console’ are totally true. At this stage all I’ve been able to play is Zelda and Just Dance 2017, but the system docks and un-docks with ease, as the picture re-calibrates its resolution within literally a couple seconds, depending on whether you’re playing on a TV or the tablet itself.


It can’t be understated how insanely cool it is to know an entire home system’s worth of kit is contained in a tablet about the size of your hand. It’ll dawn on you just as you slot it in and out of the dock – you don’t even need a TV to experience everything the Switch can – and will – do.

If you do though, great, enjoy twice the resolution and surround sound capabilities that come with a home cinema setup, but if you don’t, the Switch is going to provide the notion of ‘home console gaming’ no matter which room you’re in, if you’re on the go, or anywhere in between.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Regardless of how it all turns out, the available footage and short gameplay clips from Breath of the Wild paint a Zelda that’s ambitious take on such a storied and legendary franchise. Going open world for the first time, Nintendo appear to be designing a series of landscapes and environments that exemplify that mischievous nature inherent in all sandbox titles.


You can roll boulders onto Bokoblins from up-high, cook a variety of recipes for all sorts of stat and meter buffs, pick up a variety of weapons on your travels and explore scores of puzzle-ridden underground tombs. It’s true that Zelda as a series has forever struggled to create an instalment that’s more recommendable than the mighty Ocarina of Time, yet with a complete changeup in genre, Nintendo are hoping to create another landmark instalment future generations can begin to tell their kids about.

To be honest, making Zelda the premiere launch title for new hardware ensures those tens of thousands of owners looking for ‘what to play’ will end up at least checking it out. Re-sult.

Local Multiplayer Games

What was the last multiplayer game you played locally?


In the push towards social media and a constantly-interconnected populace, we’ve somewhat leapfrogged the fact that ‘couch co-op’ always had immortal appeal, yet has slowly disappeared from gaming overall.


Yes, playing online is a blast, but when you can literally just give one ‘half’ of your controller to the person next to you for an instant game, it stands a good chance of re-revolutionising the industry all over again.

What’s key now, is for Nintendo to ensure they have a solid catalogue of multiplayer games ready to go, both at launch, and at a steady clip throughout 2017. We know ARMS, Mario Kart, Snipperclips, NBA 2K and FIFA are on the cards in the months to come, and when all of these are combined together, Switch could be the place to play with your friends.


As an overall first impression from my time with the system so far, the sheer amount of potential embedded within its hardware is the biggest overall positive.


From motion controls that no longer require a sensor bar to the portability of home console gaming, the detachable, instant-local multiplayer function of the Joy-Cons, IR Sensor and Amiibo scanner, there’s a TON of functionality baked into such a small system that the world’s greatest video game think tanks are going to have a field day with.

At least, I hope they are, because if the industry doesn’t embrace the Switch’s potential with both arms, we’re only in for more years of 4K resolutions and substance taking a backseat to style. Consider this: The Switch is the most unique console we’ve seen since the Wii, it feels assembled almost off the back of a wing and a prayer, but therein lies a charm and character like nothing else.

Source – Whatculture

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