Retro Video Games That Always Make You Rage Quit

Nothing feels better than taking your video game-related frustrations out on an unsuspecting console controller. Let’s face it, we’ve all fallen victim to letting our emotions get the better of us, especially within the realm of our favorite past time. Rage-quitting isn’t something new and has been around since the early days of Atari’s Pong.



The very name of this game makes me want to chuck my computer out the second story window. Contra was a fantastic game by all accounts and still ranks as one of the better NES titles. However, this game was incredibly difficult to complete with the handful of lives provided. The rage always seemed to build as you neared the end with only one life left. Of course, we’d get hung up and die by something so meager that controller smashing would immediately commence.

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out


Do I even need to venture down this path to explain why this particular game was so infuriating? All you need to know is Mike Tyson. Of course, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out  lacked some serious game design theory, as it flipped the classic model on its head. Rather than reward the player for grinding through until the end with a beatable final boss, it laughed at you and spit in your face. Beating Tyson was not only impossible, but getting close enough to defeating him was almost unheard o



I hate you, Battletoads. Gosh, this was such an awesome and promising game when you first fired it up. It had everything: good graphics, great story, and awesome gameplay. However, once you made it to level 3, the game morphed into the most impossible and frustration puzzle. Controllers shattered everywhere as a result of this hateful gem.

Source – Cheatcentral

#Retro Video Games That Always Make You Rage Quit