Biggest Video Game Comebacks Of All Time

While most games inevitably lose players and die off, some rebound and recapture strong player bases and interest.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

When Rainbow Six: Siege was first announced, gamer reactions were mixed. While some were excited for the first-person tactical shooter, many saw the title as a Call of Duty copy-cat that differed too much from the earlier titles in the series. Sales were initially strong for the game, but the player base quickly faded away due to numerous connection issues and bugs that plagued the game.


Ubisoft reacted by making many much-needed adjustments and balances to the game during its first year. The end result was a well-balanced shooter that saw a rise in players and interest. Thanks to the developer releasing a steady stream of new free maps and paid DLC, gamers had fresh content available to enjoy in the game. That coupled with Rainbow Six: Siege’s position as a potential candidate for competitive gaming has helped the once written-off title become a major player in the first-person shooter genre.


When players think of failed games, Destiny surely doesn’t come to mind, and quite frankly it shouldn’t. Destiny released to overwhelming praise, with impressive sales numbers around the globe. However, after the release of the game’s first few DLCs, many gamers and critics began to wonder about the title’s longevity. Once touted as a multi-year title, it seemed Destiny would whither away after its first year.


Developer Bungie heard the feedback and implemented numerous positive changes when it released Destiny’s fourth expansion, The Taken King. In fact, Bungie promoted The Taken King as more than just a simple DLC pack. Rather, The Taken King would bring a complete overhaul to Destiny that would make it worth playing for years to come. The Taken King undoubtedly sparked new life into Destiny, and with the help of last year’s major April update, has helped reclaim a healthy player base for the sci-fi shooter.

GTA Online

When Rockstar Games first announced GTA Online, there was a collective round of applause within the gaming world. Finally, gamers would have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible, immersive world of Grand Theft Auto with their friends. But unfortunately, the amazing idea struggled at launch, with GTA Online experiencing server issues and numerous bugs. The problems with GTA Online drove many gamers to other titles, leaving a gaping hole of disappointment in Rockstar’s prized creation.


Like other developers mentioned in this list, Rockstar opted to make improvements and corrections, rather than abandon its title. The result has been tremendous. Over the last few years, Grand Theft Auto 5 has been one of the best selling titles every month and year in nearly every region of the world. Despite the constant stream of new game releases, Grand Theft Auto 5 (which allows players to access GTA Online) continues to make stellar sales. Thanks to a constant stream of new updates, content, events, and features within GTA Online, there’s little doubt Rockstar’s flagship title will continue to perform well and maintain an impressive player base

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been the most successful massive multiplayer online (MMO) title in history, making billions of dollars for Blizzard and Activision. Since its release over a decade ago, the game has set the standard and continues to dominate the MMO genre. But, as one would expect from a game with so much life, players eventually lost interest and began abandoning the game.

world of warcraft

Blizzard attempted many tactics to reclaim lost players and entice new ones, but it wasn’t until the release of Legion that the game made a comeback. Before the release of Legion, World of Warcrafthad at one time sported 12 million players. That number had declined steadily to around five million in late 2015. At the time, many critics saw this as the beginning of the end for World of Warcraft. Then Blizzard released Legion, which successfully pushed player numbers back to over 10 million by late 2016, breathing new life into World of Warcraft.

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