Absolutely Worst Things About Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s all-singing, all-dancing ‘portable home console’ has had one hell of a tumultuous relationship with the public. First we had a gloriously tantalising teaser, then a tone-deaf press conference that reversed expectations by showing the Switch had little to offer other than the next Zelda, then the technical specs came out, and all those hoping for something like a ‘Call of Duty on the go’ were quickly turned away

NO Switch 1-2 As Bundle Title

The Switch needs 1-2 Switch as a pack-in title, it just absolutely 100% NEEDS it.

Why? Because back when the Wii was getting ready to launch, the whole world was laughing. The TV remote-looking controllers, the minimal graphics, the lack of HD, the – pah – motion controls? Come on. That won’t last a da- *plays Wii Sports* Alright yeah, yeah that’s gonna change everything…


Literally everybody who purchased a Wii or went round to a mate’s house played Wii Sports. They got used to the technology, felt how fun it could be, and toddled off to buy their own version. The Switch has no such bundled-in game.

Whilst Nintendo are remarking that 1-2 Switch is ostensibly supposed to be a natural Wii Sports’ followup in terms of being a fun, gimmick-focussed set of multiplayer experiences, it’ll cost you another $40-$50 to grab a copy.

Asking people to invest in a ton of new hardware whilst not showcasing its benefits unless they fork out the additional cost of another game? That’s gonna do way more harm than good, especially given Nintendo have proven they know how to sell this sort of thing.

Weakest Hardware

There’s no getting around it, the Switch is by far the weakest system in terms of pure processing power by comparison to the PS4 and Xbox One – especially the PS4 Pro and Scorpio.


It’s testament to just how much Nintendo prioritise style over substance that the Switch is still being received well, but that creates a marketing message directly opposed to how the average consumer thinks of what ‘a brand new console’ will bring.


Such an approach certainly worked for the Wii and all its fancy all-age gimmicks, and I’m all for developers backing away from worrying about 4K resolutions and pointless background detail, but if the Switch literally isn’t capable of playing some of the best franchises or multiplayer games in recent history, that’s only going to weaken it in the long run.

Tiny Hard Drive

PS4 and Xbox One owners laughed all the way to the bank when the Switch’s internal specs were revealed, as the system only has a paltry 25GB for internal storage (yes, it’s advertised as 32, but 7GB is reserved for the system’s OS). Sticking to physical cartridges and only using this allocation for saves will see you through, but downloading almost anything off the eShop will see that space filled after only a couple of purchase.


Breath of the Wild, for example, will take up 13.4GB right off the bat, and that’s before we get to any of the emulated Virtual Console games you’ll want to revisit from console’s past. To ‘remedy’ this, Nintendo have included a Micro SD slot, and have repeatedly mentioned that Micro SD technology now allows for up to extra 2TB of data. The reality though, is we’ll have to fork out for additional cards almost immediately.

Remember when the PSP and PS Vita had the exact same approach? It didn’t go so well…

Source – Whatculture

#Absolutely Worst Things About Nintendo Switch