Biggest Video Game Boss Battles Of All Time

As anyone that has ever read any H.P. Lovecraft will tell you, there exists within mankind a size to sanity ratio.

Facing off against MGS V’s 15-metre tall, unpronounceable Metal Gear Sahelanthropus might test our robot-killing skills the maximum, but – save for the occasional rage quit – we can keep a cool head, persevere, and hope it’s sophisticated AI has an off-moment.

Adamantoise (Final Fantasy XV)

Approximate Size: 320 metres

The mountain-sized side-quest which initially terrified Final Fantasy fans with the rumours of a 72-hour boss fight is a slightly controversial entry for two reasons.

Firstly, the actual size of the mega-tortoise isn’t officially listed anywhere (that I could find, at least), making the 320m length something of a guess based on how it compares to both Noctis, and the other entries in this list.


Secondly, its hard to tell which is bigger: Adamantoise, or Leviathan. Both beasts are labelled as a category 5 size in the official FF XV wiki, though we get no more detail. It might well be that Admantoise is bigger in terms of weight, while Leviathan is longer.

Ultimately, Adamantoise beat Leviathan to the list not only for its superior HP and strength, but because it is, quite literally, a mountain. Both boss fights are immense and make our hero feel insignificant in scale in equal measure, but while the Leviathan battle offers some of the most epic music in FF XV, there are few reveals more imposing than when Adamantoise first stretches out his neck from beneath the enormous rock on its back.

Mothership (Earth Defense Force 2017)

Approximate Size: 365 metres

In a modernisation of the classic arcade shooters, Earth Defense Force 2017 (actually released in 2007) sees unnamed protagonist Storm 1 of the EDF (Earth Defense Force) deployed across Japan as aliens descend over the planet. With their massive mothership hovering over Tokyo, UFOs attack from the skies while bug-like creatures attack from the ground.


With Michael Bay seemingly directing the EDF forces, Storm 1 uses a range of explosive weaponry to take down the invading enemies in caves, towns and cities, with little to no regard for human life or thought for the infrastructure and buildings around them. Storm 1 seems set on stopping the alien invasion, no matter the cost – and we love him/her for it.

The final mission sets the protagonist and his allies against the imposing mothership itself. The rest of the world has been conquered and the mothership is preparing a cannon to destroy all of Japan.

However, in true climatic fashion, Storm 1 takes control of the cannon and fires on the mothership until it explodes into a glorious ball of flame.

Cronos (God Of War III)

Approximate Size: 488 metres

As punishment for trying to eat his own children, Cronos was sent to wander the deserts for eternity, carrying Pandora’s Temple on his back. In the first game, Kratos navigates the temple, successfully obtaining Pandora’s Box, which he uses to kill Ares, claim his vengeance, and usurp the tile of God of War.

Fearing this new rival, and as further punishment for allowing Kratos to reach Pandora’s Box, Zeus places Cronos in chains to suffer an eternity of torment in the pits of Tartarus.


So when the mountain-sized Titan gets his dirty fingernails on Kratos, he fancies crushing the little pipsqueak for some revenge. Alas, he doesn’t count on Kratos ripping his fingernail clean off instead.

The battle is one of the most memorable of the PS3 era as Cronos is not just the boss you are fighting, but the environment you are fighting on, as well. Kratos swings from hands, to arms, to face, slicing and smashing boils, warts and eyes as he goes. Then, just when we think Cronos has won and swallowed Kratos whole, Kratos slices his way out of the Titan’s stomach before stabbing him through the forehead.

Unicron (Transformers)

Approximate Size: 75,000 miles

Incredibly, a boss the size of a planet isn’t the biggest boss we have encountered in video games. The title of the most mind-numbingly, sanity-breakingly huge boss goes to Unicron – the Decepticon mega boss that appears in PS2’s Tranformers.

The planet-sized Transformer is one of the earliest creations of the universe and arch-nemisis of the planet Cybertron. As it shape-shifts and uses it’s powerful beams to try and destroy the homeworld of the Autobots, Optimus Prime rolls – or rather, flies – out to defeat him.


With Optimus Prime being so large himself, scaling Unicron is difficult, but comic book lore estimates anywhere between 18,000 and 75,000 miles wide. That puts Unicron somewhere between the planets of Neptune and Saturn.

As Unicron fires his cannon on Cybertron, Optimus Prime uses boosters to navigate deep space around the enormous boss, waiting for opportunities to fire on the exposed inner power core. The final battle is a tough one, and extremely fitting that it is against the biggest boss of all time.

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