First-Person Video Games With Amazing Story Modes

For whatever reason, over the years the gaming public has distanced themselves more and more from FPS campaigns. Thought of as a mode only played only and included ‘just for the sake of making trailers’, in recent years we’ve actually seen games like Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch and Rainbow Six: Siege forgo them altogether in favour of fully supporting a multiplayer component instead.


Not everything in the FPS mould has to be a smorgasbord of explosions and “Hoo-rah!” dialogue. Instead, when those dials are turned back a notch, you get Bioshock; a game that occasionally revels in intense gunfights with intimidating enemies, but mainly focuses on establishing one of the greatest environments and atmospheres ever seen.


If you’ve somehow not played Bioshock (and man, what I wouldn’t give to experience it again first time), know that a plane crash leads to a lighthouse, which leads to an underwater city of mystery, science fiction and philosophical pondering all rolled into one.

Bioshock’s endgame twists are spectacular, but it’s the feel of exploring the wondrous Rapture for the very first time, unlocking new weapons and uncovering precisely what happened before you arrived that’ll truly stick with you.

Far Cry 3

Although Ubisoft had been releasing Far Cry games with relative consistency for years, it wasn’t until the this ‘third’ instalment that they nailed a formula that the whole world could get on board with.

Playing as run-of-the-mill student Jason Brody, the story is supposed to make a point about how one young man slowly devolves into tribalistic killings and religious brainwashing – but it fails in this regard, because said twists are unbelievably forced.


Regardless, it thankfully doesn’t matter, because gameplay, environmental progression, the unlocking of abilities and general feel of stealth’ing your way through outposts and checkpoints is immaculate.

You’ll unleash a slew of arrows into the craniums of hundreds of guards, machete your way across the island and slowly recover your captured friends one by one, tackling the fantastic villain, Vaas, every step of the way.

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Half-Life 2

Many of the ideas Half-Life 2 pioneered when it comes to how to tell a story using a first-person perspective (like having entire conversations play out around you) have been aped and done better since, but what Valve created will forever stand the test of time, simply because every aspect is pulled off with so much confidence.


The tactile Havok physics engine, the steady rollout of new weapons, the awkward yet exhilarating driving segments – all propel you through a narrative that actually doesn’t require you’ve played the original, but takes on a whole new sense of weight if you have.

Half-Life 2 has that ‘legacy’ feel thanks to being one of the most pivotal titles in gaming history. It changed the very nature of how stories are told in first person, and if you’ve somehow missed it, do yourself a favour and experience this world for yourself.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

You can’t have a list with Medal of Honor and not move onto Call of Duty, as until COD 4, the former used to be the go-to choice for any military shooter. That all changed when Modern Warfare arrived, as not only did it revolutionise how the online component of any shooter would be perceived and played, but the single player? Now that was something to behold.

call of duty modern warfare

Opening with what’s become one of the most iconic first levels in gaming history, you helped scuttle a tanker in a blaze of stealth tactics and shattered glass, before making a huge leap of faith to an awaiting helicopter.

It.was.BRILLIANT, and like all the best single player campaigns, started as it meant to go on, leading to the sublime ‘All Ghillied Up’ sniper mission, an intense hostage situation, the unexpected death of a main character and one hell of a slow-motion decision finale.

Infinity Ward re-wrote the book on single player campaigns, on first-person shooters – on everything you thought possible with the genre. This was the new school of FPS gameplay, and it’s a class Activision have been teaching ever since.

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