The Most Dumbest Things In Modern Video Games

Coincidence, a developer’s get-out-of-jail-free card. When something needs to happen that can’t be explained naturally and told through plausible scenarios, out comes coincidence. Why does that happen? Why does a certain character appear at a certain time in a certain place?

Meagan Foster’s Sudden Appearance – Dishonored 2

Picture the scene: The palace is under attack by a foreign enemy, the city overrun with traitors and a magical claimant to the throne has cast you out into the world. The world has turned against you and you need to use all your skills and abilities to escape the city of your home and get to relative safety…

Nope, there just so happens to a boat waiting for you, with a key ally who arrived at the exact same time everything went wrong.

I can’t be the only one who loaded up Dishonored 2 and was immediately suspicious of how Meagan Foster arrived just in time to save you. It’s bizarre that she arrives exactly when she did, and the unlikeliness of the situation had me waiting on the edge of my seat for a betrayal.


But no, it was all just a coincidence – one that could’ve been fixed remarkably easily. Just have the main character hide away for a day or two in Dunwall, before receiving word of a ship captain who is looking for you; similar to the start of the first game where Corvo was in prison to allow the loyalist conspiracy to take form.

But hey, as long as we get to stab a line of nameless necks, they can go about making whatever narrative choices they make. Just as long as they don’t do something really stupid, like give Corvo the opportunity to betray his daughter – the only person he ever loved and cared about, and the person he kill

Historical Figures – Assassin’s Creed

Being a historically-inspired series, you’d expect Assassin’s Creed to be akin to your high school history textbook, being chock-full of old bearded blokes from the annals of time. Yet, for the most part, the series has been pretty rubbish at working them in seamlessly.

How about when you bump into Benjamin Franklin on the street and become best buds with him, despite having made him lose pages of his almanac to the wind? Or when you did the exact same thing to Charles Dickens? And who could forget when you run into Charles Darwin, who just happens to be blowing up the same factory as you? Yes, he was a famous for being a pyrotechnic, but the exact same building, in all of London?!


Instead of feeling like a natural unfolding of events, it feels more like the world is catering to our main characters. Dickens and Franklin had their own lives, and jamming them into the games feels like putting the wrong pieces of a puzzle together. As did Connor popping up at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Assassin’s Creed III.

Thing is, Ubisoft has proved they can do it right. Characters like Blackbeard and Leonardo DaVinci were tied perfectly in with the story, and fitted into the world. They felt more like living breathing characters from history, rather than being relegated to clumsy cameos for the sake of an elbow nudge and a raised eyebrow.

Elena – Uncharted

Let’s start out by saying that Elena and Drake’s relationship and their interactions form one of the most charming and brilliant parts of the whole series. The way they fall in and out of love is very human, which does make the former’s sudden appearances – regardless of where you are – mostly forgivable. It makes them somewhat acceptable in context, but does nothing to stop from disintegrating upon deeper analysis.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.35.14 PM.png

How she finds Nate in the first game and arrives at the exact opportune moment to save you, without any indication of her tracking abilities. Or how she just so happens to be in the same war torn city in Nepal in Uncharted 2. Or perhaps the worst coincidence in the entire series: Her job in Yemen just happens to give Drake access to the exact part of the world he needs to get to.

Then there’s Uncharted 4, where her out-of-nowhere appearance after Drake has fallen off a cliff has spun a number of fan theories explaining that everything that happens afterwards takes place in the afterlife. So unbelievable is the idea of her and Sully’s appearance – given how Nate has gone solo – some have resorted to assuming he perished instead.

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