One Of The Most Innovative Gaming Headphones Ever Made

Gaming headphones! market is flooded with those RGB lighting alien looking headphones with crappy but sounds some of them are really good like Nash 20 and some of them are just straight up garbage. So what do we have to today is one of a kind really unique and really amazing.

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They are the worlds first modular gaming headphones and when I say modular its not a gimmick of some kind its actually really useful. what you get in the box is pieces of headphones conveniently placed in packages and I gotta say our team was really impressed by the unboxing experience it was a good looking box. Anyways the design is good not bad not amazing its just simple and minimalist which is the thing i am really liked about these headphones that they don’t try to look like “Gaming Headphones” they are the types of headphones you can wear and not look a guy from another planet.


The Build quality is on point its made of really high quality material and by using them about for more than 2 week I can definitely say they are solid and durable for daily use and hardcore gaming as I have done both with these and its perfect the way it changes from normal listening headphones to gaming headphones is just really amazing.


The earcups and the cushion of the headband are made from PU leather and feel quite comfortable. Adjusting the headphones to your preferred fit is quite easy too the big circular cutouts down the arms of the headband.

Overall the design and build quality are probably the best thing about these headphones

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Let me tell you straight up they blow every gaming headphones at this price point as for the gaming configuration the bass is good it offers a crisp clear sound and also does not over exaggerate the bass which can be little bad for more precision gaming. By using Duel you can clearly hear all the footsteps and environment and nature sound in games like LAST OF US. They did a very good job with the gaming configuration with offering everything they needed to.


As for the normal listening the thing gets little weird here I am not gonna say the experience was bad but it was not so good actually i would categorise as an average listening mode which I did not find myself using too much often but still this is my opinion and my some of my friends used them and they loved it but for me it was just not right. you know its a thing that is little hard to express they are good and bad at the same time. that’s all I have to say about the Normal listening mode

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Played Grand Theft Auto Online with bunch of my friends and right off the bat they told me that your voice is weird in good way it felt weird to them because my voice was too crisp and clear the microphones is really good for multiplayer gaming and your friends will also love your voice if you use the microphone provided in the Box. 


The microphone’s flexible metal construction should also make it impervious to normal use.

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My overall experience with these headphones are amazing just simple pure fun to use they sound good that ft perfectly they comfortable for long gaming sessions and also really good for Esports player. The Build is absolute phenomenal they look good and most importantly they are durable so you can rage while gaming and even thrown them away they will not completely break into pieces but I don’t advice you treat like that because if you did to these pair of amazing headphones then you are probably kind of dumb.

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Though there are some downsides biggest of them being not in-line volume control which was kind of deal breaker for some people so if you want to adjust your game volume you have to jump into game setting or either in your windows/mac volume settings.

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  • H03 headband (nylon and a foam cushion) — €60
  • S02 speakers (40mm titanium-coated driver) — €90
  • E02 earpads (on-ear foam + PU leather) — €35
  • E04 earpads (over-ear foam + PU leather) — €50
  • C01 cable (in-line remote) — €25

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#One Of The Most Innovative Gaming Headphone Ever Made