Realistic Video Game Graphics VS Stylised Graphics


Since the creation of video game, developers were and still trying to achieve as much as realistic graphics as they can. However, as we can see although the technology is somehow capable to provide us with a convincing realistic graphics, still a lot of developers prefer to use their own art style.

Nowadays unfortunately most of the people who play games and some gamers think that any unrealistic/ stylized graphics game means that it is for kids only and sure they are 100% wrong. Let us take couple of examples of mature rated games, which used unrealistic graphics, and they were aimed only for mature and adult gamers.


Any hardcore gamer easily can remember Catherine, which was developed by Atlus and was released on PS3 and Xbox 360. Despite it was aimed for adult audience only, the graphic style was inspired by Japanese anime. Another example of an exclusive game for mature is MadWorld. MadWorld was developed by PlatinumGames and Published by SEGA for the Nintendo Wii. This time the art style was enthused by black and white comic books, however the game was heavily filled with extreme violence contents, which led it to be banned from some countries like Germany.



In conclusion, graphic art style doesn’t necessarily reflects whether the game is for kids or adults. The majority of sport games are graphically realistic, but they are meant be played by everyone (Kids, Teens and Adults). In addition some games like Super Mario is purposely designed to be so difficult so only the best skilled hardcore gamers could finish it from a-z.

#Realistic Video Game Graphics VS Stylised Graphics