Greatest Video Games With Hidden Messages That Everyone Missed

The tedious old conversation about video games not being considered “art” has died down in recent years, because if a medium can produce experiences like The Last Of Us, Doom 2016 and Firewatch, it’s obviously doing something right.

No Easter Eggs – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Rockstar absolutely love to pack silly easter eggs and in-jokes into their games, and make fun of fans for seeking them out. GTA III had lots of little secrets to uncover, such as the hidden alley that players can access with a little creatively, which has a sign reading “You weren’t supposed to be able to get here you know.”



San Andreas has plenty of gags like this too. There was even a famous rumour that Bigfoot himself could be found, which lead many players to obsessively hunt for him, only for the developers to sadistically confirm years later he was never in the game.

They managed to top the GTA III gag with the Gant Bridge message, which requires a jetpack for the player to reach. If you fly all the way to the top, you are rewarded with the sign “There are no easter eggs here. Go away.”

Calendar Man’s Message – Batman: Arkham City

While there had been a couple of good Batman games before it, Arkham Asylum blew everything else out of the water. Arkham City then took all that was great and expanded further, giving players a large slice of Gotham to play in.

One of the villains encountered is the fearsome Calendar Man, who is really, really good with dates. Players soon realised if they visit him on certain dates, he’ll impart rare pieces of info.



Rocksteady hid a message for players so thoroughly, that when nobody discovered it, they hinted towards it themselves, three years later.

If players set their console date to December 13th, 2004 – the day Rocksteady was founded – Calender Man will say a unique message alluding to the end of the series with Arkham Knight, stating he was there at the beginning will be there at the end.

Good to his word, if you scan the crowd for Arkham Knight’s final scene, Calendar Man can be spotted in the background.

Nicole Is Dead – Dead Space

Dead Space was the natural progression of the survival horror genre post-Resident Evil 4, in that it tried to mesh action together with scares. While it was a tough to be genuinely frightened thanks to the amount of weapons the player can carry, it had its share of unsettling moments too.

It also has a surprisingly emotional ending, when Isaac learns his girlfriend Nicole – who he’s spent the game trying to find – has been dead the entire time.



For anyone playing attention to the level names, the developers were literally spelling this out; if you take the first letter of the title of each level, it reads NICOLE IS DEAD.

Replaying the game also gives you clues to Nicole’s fate, and while Dead Space is hardly up there with Silent Hill 2 in terms of psychological horror, it’s nice to see the developers put some thought into the small details.

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#Greatest Video Games With Hidden Messages That Everyone Missed