Biggest Easter Eggs And Hidden Secrets In Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt

Although it’s far from a perfect game on a technical level, CD Projekt RED’s third (and final in terms of the main canon) entry in the phenomenal Witcher series is one for the ages regardless.

Pulp Fiction – “Bring Out The Gimp”

arly on in the game you’ll come into contact with the fantastic Bloody Baron – a character nowhere near as ruthless as his namesake would imply. Following a trail of evidence to track your quarry at the time, you can then venture down into his basement, where this brilliant dialogue exchange between two NPC characters will occur. Mentioning an anonymous “gimp” and taking place in a basement can only be a Pulp Fiction nod, and although he never makes an appearance in latex-clad person it’s still pretty awesome to see things outside the fantasy genre getting their due.

Game Of Thrones – Jon Snow€™s Sword

It’s been said many times, and there’s many more to come; The Witcher just ‘feels’ like the nearest thing we’ve come to a Game of Thrones title in terms of tone and overall bleakness, peppered with the occasional beauty that comes through the world itself. However, a more specific reference is the inclusion of Jon Snow’s signature wolf-headed sword, Longclaw – one that fans eyed up during a recent IGN livestream, and a blade you can find out in the world on the bodies of stronger foes.


Whether this is a direct reference to the HBO show or the developers just happened upon the same name is up for debate, but going off the likely influences of the creative team and the thematic comparisons between the two source materials, it’s surely intentional.

Geralt’s Tattoo From The Witcher 2

One for the fans, and easily the most subtle reference/easter egg in the game; Geralt’s ‘secret’ tattoo. Triggered only by you carrying a save over from the second game and keeping a tattoo Geralt ends up with following a heavy drinking session with some Temerian soldiers in the ‘Hung Over’ quest, it’ll then appear in Wild Hunt’s opening sequence.


Quite possibly the most brilliant easter egg ever put into a game purely down to how it relates so specifically to the Witcher fanbase, it solidifies CD Projekt as one of the most on-point and fan-pleasing developers around. Seriously, which other devs would think to carry this sort of thing forward?

Source – Gaming Whatculture

#Biggest Easter Eggs And Hidden Secrets In Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt