Horizon Zero Dawn VS Breath Of The Wild – Battle Of Open World Wilderness

In the next few weeks punters are going to be faced with a challenge — to buy into Sony’s new Horizon Zero Dawn franchise, or to fork over a substantial amount of cash to play the next The Legend of Zelda opus, Breath of the Wild. So which will you choose?

Well, the obvious one here is it’s a brand-new open-world The Legend of Zelda, and while previous Zelda titles have presented themselves in sandbox form, Breath of the Wild promises unprecedented freedom. Players are forced to survive in this new world too, with eating, hunting, cooking, crafting and even managing how hot or cold Link gets — depending on the environment — paramount to success and basic survival.

He can climb most surfaces and utilise the environment in unique ways to take on enemies. The game-world is massive, too. In fact it’s the biggest Zelda game ever made, and it’s stunning.


You’re also going to be able to play it either on Wii U or on the new Nintendo Switch, with the latter offering up the freedom to take the game out of your house and on the go with you, wherever you want. The Nintendo Switch also offers up two controller options with a basic Pro Controller option (similar to an Xbox controller), or the Joy-Con controllers which can be connected to one another to make a hybrid controller. Otherwise, you can also leave them connected to the screen as a Wii U-like portable gaming device.

We’ve added in the PlayStation 4 Pro here, for those of you who might not already own a PS4 because Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be a flagship for it, highlighting 4K gaming with full HDR support — provided your TV is capable of reflecting those features (so hurry up and upgrade because this is the future, people!).

The game proper essentially gives us what we’ve probably always wanted to do: hunt robot dinosaurs (and other roboticised animals) in a post-apocalyptic world.


It’s main protagonist is a fiery red-head with a mysterious past you can’t help but need to know more about. And the game-world in which you gallivant about with her is as lush and inviting as anything we’ve ever seen with a fully functioning ecology built around flesh and blood creatures alongside oil and gears creatures.

Horizon Zero Dawn

All of this is helped all the more by a stunning game-engine pulling off huge, open spaces littered with incredible detail; a dynamic weather system that changes ecology behaviour and a full day and night system. The game is RPG-lite, but allows for an extensive upgrading of various skills split around stealth, strength and survival. Add to all of this 1000 years of the Earth being altered forever after a catastrophic event, but no real understanding of how or why, and you find yourself faced with a compelling narrative demanding of answers. This is the best kind of timesink.


Now we get to the stuff you, the fans, don’t really want to hear about. Namely and specifically with wanting this game on Nintendo Switch is the price of entry. There’s really not a lot of ‘new’ content coming to the new platform in its first month so adopting the platform early is a bit of an empty investment, well, also an expensive investment given the new console is going set you back AUD$469.95 for the basic package. A Pro Controller is going to cost you another AUD$99-odd and then of course, you still need to buy the game itself which is being shopped at around AUD$89 between JB Hi-Fi and EB Games. So in order to play one of the only new Nintendo Switch launch titles which is admittedly amazing, you’re forking over more than $600. That’s an expensive Zelda experience right there.


So a PS4 Pro brand new is going to knock you back AUD$558 right out of the gate, which is obviously more expensive than a Nintendo Switch, but if you’re not even in the PS4 market yet, you can grab a 500GB PS4 for just under AUD$400. But believe us when we tell you, that 500GB is going to fill up quickly, so you’ll definitely need to look at consoles with better storage. The game, meanwhile, will cost you around AUD$80 or you can get the Special Edition version for AUD$120, but once again, all of this makes for spending a lot of money for a single experience. Thankfully, if you decide to jump into the PS4 ring you’re going to find a lot of great experiences, from Uncharted IV: A Thief’s End to Gran Turismo Sport and beyond — the PS4 is not shy on exclusives, and over the next 18 months we’re going to see more and more.


Both games have their strengths and, to be fair, not a lot of weaknesses — Zelda still not as visually stunning as most Triple-A games of this current generation and Horizon Zero Dawn for wearing its inspirational heart on its sleeve in the way of Far Cry. It might also lack the dynamism we’re getting used to with open-world games now. But at this stage it’s definitely too soon to call.

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