Why Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Is One Of Most Exciting Video Game Of 2017

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is released 7th March and, following the closed beta last weekend, promises to be one of the games of the year.


Bolivia is one of the most geographically diverse countries on the planet, offering everything from high altitude lakes and salt deserts, to the thick jungle that runs deep alongside and beneath the Andes mountain range.

It is also the setting of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.


Wildlands offers an open-world rumoured to be in similar scale to the GTA V map, with the option to explore every corner right from the beginning. With more than nine different ecosystems and each region inhabited with unique wildlife and NPCs going about their own individual routines, as well as the gorgeous graphics we expect of AAA titles, Wildlands is set to deliver a sandbox playground as well as the elite, custom approach to missions.

The world itself feels real and compels you to explore – offering moments of isolation as you navigate the harsh wild deserts and jungles, to more populated high altitude towns and favelas where your team can more easily stock up on supplies and grab their vehicle of choice.


Vehicles are a key part of the game. Not only is the map massive, but the unique setting of the Bolivian jungle and mountains will mean even driving can at times be slow or difficult. Many of the roads are single track or dirt, meaning the team will need to seek alternative methods if they want to reach their objective undetected, or make a quick getaway from pursuing soldiers.


Wildlands has over 60 vehicles to navigate the harsh landscape. Private and military planes and helicopters will make for faster travel time, but noise and visibility will likely compromise stealth.

Keeping off the road and navigating the thick jungle by motorbike or ATV will help you get closer to the enemy without being detected, but travel time will be slow, arduous, and who knows what other surprises will lurk beneath the thick canopy. Or you can take advantage of the rivers and waterways by boarding a local fishing boat or patrol vehicle.

Wildlands is all about freedom to approach any mission as you see fit, and that includes the transport. Just remember to pick up your team-mates before dropping in on enemy territory.

Modern Warfare Technology

Guns and explosives aren’t the only way to tackle the cartels you’ll be taking on in Wildlands, taking advantage of some of the United States Army’s most advanced surveillance equipment.

Sniper scopes, night vision goggles and binoculars all play a crucial role in early reconnaissance and scouting before and during infiltration. This becomes massively more useful when playing multiplayer and your team mates are able to help tagging enemies on your shared HUD map.

Scouting enemies becomes far easier when a friend observes the base from the other side, spotting any soldiers, anti-vehicle weaponry and getaway vehicles you can’t see from your perspective.

ghost recon wildlands

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting new additions to the franchise are the remote-controlled, deployable drones. Initially short-range and somewhat basic, these flying cameras can be deployed in safety and flown inside enemy territory to tag enemies, observe their patrols, and get an eye in the harder to see areas, like inside buildings and hangars.

ghost recon

Like most equipment in the game, they can be upgraded over time, allowing for added functionality such as night vision, longer battery life and greater range.

Just be careful you don’t fly too close to a curious soldier. The drones are small, but they’re not invisible, and hardly silent.

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#Why Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Is One Of Most Exciting Video Game Of 2017