Most Graphically Intensive Video Games Of 2017

This is year is full of amazing game releases and there are plenty we haven’t even seen yet like the next Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and so on. Nonetheless, what we have seen looks fairly jaw-dropping regardless of your stance on video game “graphics”.


Studios’ Prey isn’t fooling around when it comes to visual splendour. The entire experience carries a System Shock-esque vibe with the shape-shifting aliens alternating between nightmarish mass and object replication.


That’s not including the sheer atmospherics or the detail in the environment design, whether you’re peering off into the great beyond of space or following the blood spatters. Prey seemed to set expectations high with its initial reveal trailer but it’s looked as good ever since.

For Honor


Say what you will about Ubisoft downgrades but For Honor still looks pretty damn cool. The key star of the game is the excellent animation inherent in each fighter’s attacks. You’ll never mistaken the `Nobushi for the Peacekeeper and when the battleground is full of smoke, sparks, broken architecture and other similarly impressive visual effects, it will feel like you’re immersed in a true war. It also doesn’t hurt that Ubisoft put in a lot of work to faithfully recreate the detailing on the various factions’ weapons and armour

Mass Effect Andromeda

mass effect

Like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect: Andromeda will shine the brightest in 4K (whether on PS4 or PC). However, as of now, we’re excited about the model work, ship design, particle effects, draw distance and overall textures. With Andromeda being an open world title, issues like texture streaming and facial animations will need to be examined further. Still, with the game a little less than two months away, it’s crazy to see the amount of work that’s gone into the galaxy, especially given its scale and the addition of a completely separate multiplayer mode.

Battalion 1944


If Battlefield 1 took home the prize for best visual representation of World War 1 in 2016 (historical accuracies notwithstanding), then Battalion 1944 is easily 2017’s pick for World War 2 re-enactment. For a crowd-funded title, Battalion 1944 impresses with its photo-realism, especially when it comes to the texture for grass, tress and other environmental features. Even if the high-skill curve turns off most players, in terms of a realistic depiction of war, Battalion 1944 is worth keeping an eye on.

Source – Gamingbolt

#Most Graphically Intensive Video Games Of 2017