Greatest Most Emotional Video Games Ever Made

Critics and commenters of both film and video games have long pondered the pros and cons of their respective mediums, and whilst it’s often thought that the former is the grandaddy of all visual media, in recent years especially, gaming has caught up quite considerably.

The Walking Dead (Season 1)

There’s a chance Telltale will never write a story so masterfully paced, told or scripted as their first season of The Walking Dead.


Taking The Walking Dead mythology as a baseplate and moving away from the increasingly ridiculous actions of the TV counterpart, it allowed Telltale to strike lightning, marrying a mature narrative that was wholly original in 2013 to a modernised take on the point n’ click genre.

walking dead

This more considered pace lets you really get into the mindset of multiple characters, before implementing a series of decisions that both shape the story, decide who lives or dies, and which characters’ motivations truly get fleshed out.

It may have gone completely off the boil with its second and third seasons, but Telltale’s original attempt at expanding on Robert Kirkman’s fiction is one everyone should play.


When we talk about ’emotions’ in games, it tends to be negative, or more specifically, sequences that make you sad. For INSIDE, it’ll stir up a number of primal emotions, culminating in one of the most raw and powerful sequences of all time – meaning that as the credits finally creep up the screen, you’ll need a considerable amount of time to ‘come down’


Playing like a side-scrolling puzzle platformer, you’re cast as a small boy infiltrating a series of industrial structures, the whole game playing like some sort of spiritual sequel to George Orwell’s 1984. Come the close of the game – and I’ll have to delve into spoilers for this – you’ll eventually become part of a larger, sentient mass of congealed flesh, breaking forth from your prison and barrelling through the offices and rooms that you were once so innocently exploring.

It’s this contrast, this sudden rush of pure power and destruction as you decimate office workers and authority figures, that gives the game its punch. Knowing the shift is coming won’t distill its impact, and overall, INSIDE is an absolute masterpiece of game design underpinned by emotional resonance at every turn.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

A severe left-turn after the all-action delights of The Chronicles of Riddick, Starbreeze Studios released Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons as an unexpectedly brilliant little adventure.

It’s pure Tolkien in its framing of a couple of villagers leaving their quaint little dwelling to journey out into the world in search of a cure for their father, yet the unique beats of the gameplay come from controlling the pair simultaneously. One analogue stick and a shoulder button each is all you’ll get, which once you’ve overcome the mental acrobatics necessary to process both characters’ movements at once, opens up a number of really innovative and memorable puzzles that are actually fun to solve.


Of course, there’s an emotional throughline to the Brothers story, but it’s all handled in such a fairytale fashion, the game can rise up to the heights of soaring through intertwining canyons on the back of a griffin, before seeing the characters embrace each other during a moment of pure peril.

The Last Of Us

As much as The Last of Us’ ending is one of the most intentionally ambiguous (until its sequel launches, anyway), it’s the opening sequence with one of the most outstanding acting performances in gaming history from Troy Baker and Hana Hayes, that gut-punched us right off the bat.


From here on out, you knew exactly the kind of tone Naughty Dog were going for, as gone was the happy-go-lucky, quip-filled romps of an Uncharted. Instead, we were tasked with surviving a zombie apocalypse with real weight and purpose, embodying former father Joel as he attempted to both move on and protect his new ‘surrogate daughter’, Ellie.


The way writers Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley wrote the game’s final level also comes with one hell of a twist, setting up a final shot that lets you assemble the pieces – all the while reeling from that particular gunshot.

Personally, I’d of preferred Naughty Dog leave this franchise to stand the test of time alone, but we’ll have to wait and see on whether or not returning to the well to continue the story of Joel and Ellie works out.

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