One Of The Worst Things About Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 has a pretty big map. It ain’t the biggest, but it sure is big, and filled to the brim with content. We could go off on a tangent and speak about how wonderfully crafted this open world is and how vibrant/technically impressive/realistic/etc it is. We could speak about all the various art projects and experiments being conducted within GTA’s world – but we did all that already, so we won’t.


What we want to speak about today is the part of the map that is most often ignored. Sure, there are a few collectibles tossed down there in single-player, and a few wrecks were littered in it just so it isn’t completely and utterly bland when one in a bloody million players goes there just once, but overall, it’s like it doesn’t exist.

We are, of course, speaking of the ocean. You know, that big blue thing surrounding the map which you only ever see when Piracy Prevention is on. Yeah, that ocean. Beyond giving a place for yachts to park, there is pretty much no reason for it to exist from a gameplay standpoint, and the yachts were only introduced in Executives and Other CriminalsNow, we’ve discussed before how the constant stream of new content via updates is bloating GTA Online to the point where the otherwise large map is starting to be just too small.


Sure, the obvious answer to this issue is the addition of new cities, something that is not only highly anticipated, but is (or was, at least) part of Rockstar’s official plan, and has recently been rumored to be coming soon.But where’s the logic in tacking another city, which will have its own island and therefore its own under-appreciated body of water, on the game when there are square kilometers of unused sea at your disposal? Making a whole new city, or just updating one of the old ones, would cost a lot of resources. Sure, it would make a pretty big splash too, but done right, so can sea-based DLC.

Think about it: you’ve gained so much cash through your illegal actions that you set your sights on another prize – world domination (because of course you do). Players will have the option to purchase one of, say, 6 different hyper-expensive secret underwater hideouts fully staffed by your own PMC mercenaries.

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New “supervillain” contracts would be unlocked, and you can hire henchmen, who are basically associated with better pay, to help you out. You’ll need to upgrade your base and construct a number of devious devices with which you can hold the governments of the world hostage.

Sure, this all may be a tad more out there than the usual GTA Online DLC, but Cunning Stunts proves that sometimes, Rockstar is okay with breaking conventions every now and then, so it’s unlikely that such a supervillain DLC would be where they draw the line. The theme would absolutely justify high prices for content (secret underwater bases aren’t cheap), and it would utilize a massive chunk of the game’s map that’s already there without further bloating things in the city or countryside.

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#One Of The Worst Things About Grand Theft Auto 5