The Most Exciting Video Game For Playstation 4

In the current gaming market, console exclusives are the key to success. Which system do I have to own to play that particular game? The upcoming Nintendo Switch has The Legend of Zelda, Xbox has Halo, and PlayStation has Uncharted. However, it seems that Sony has another extremely exciting exclusive coming very soon, and it may just be their best yet.


In order for the market to truly thrive, there needs to be a fresh new series established for each console, simply so each subsequent generation has plenty of longevity.

A major component of Horizon’s appeal is how unique everY aspect feels. The setting, the mix of old and new with Aloy’s tribal knowledge and the advanced robot enemies, all of it gives Horizon a truly original tone.


In a console market flooded with open-world games, Horizon has a strikingly-different aesthetic that will certainly help raise it above the rest. The way the visuals mix with an engaging, Shadow of Mordor-aping combat system helps define this game as an experience unlike any other currently on the market.

There are few games that can be described as ‘Enslaved: Odyssey to the West meets Tomb Raider’, and considering what the plentiful gameplay demos have shown so far, it seems like developer Guerrilla Games has utilized the strength of their influences well.


The protagonist in an open world game is a difficult aspect to execute properly. Since it’s some the player will be spending at least 20+ hours with, they’ll not need to be mildly interesting, but also engaging and somewhat likeable.

In the case of Horizon’s protagonist Aloy, she seems to tick all of the necessary boxes, producing a protagonist that feels tough and confident against enemies, but is actually kindhearted at her core.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Through what has been shown through story trailers and gameplay footage, it seems that Aloy has plenty to appreciate in regards to her personality and demeanour. In the first gameplay trailer, during a stealth takedown of a robot enemy, she lays it gently to the ground and comforts it as it progressively turns off. Her compassion for life, regardless of where that life resides, immediately makes her a sympathetic character.

This behavior is likely due to her traumatic backstory, automatically making each action feel less cold-blooded in comparison to other open world protagonists that don’t seem as remorseful about killing.


Any story that starts with genocide is one that’ll likely pack plenty of hard punches throughout its campaign.

The story trailer released for Horizon showed off some of the main story beats to give you a general idea of what the campaign’s about, and it’s difficult not to be intrigued. The backstory of Aloy’s tribe is interesting enough on its own, but the way the story transitions from this to the robot-controlled present allows both Aloy and the player to experience every component of this fascinating world.

horizon zero dawn

Witnessing Aloy’s progression from the troubling events that led to humanity’s downfall to her inevitable triumph over the robotic combatants will provide plenty of reasons to keep playing, even if open-world games aren’t typically your first choice.

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