Honest Confession Of An A Xbox One Owner After Buying An Playstation 4

For some, they’ve been firmly planted in Microsoft’s corner since day one, and have never given Sony a chance. But when, and if, you decide to open your doors to Sony, it will also open your eyes to a lot in the world of gaming.

You’ll find some things you actually prefer with the blue brand, and others you simply cannot stand. One thing’s for sure however, it’ll never take the place of your beloved Xbox.


When it comes to exclusives, there is no denying that Microsoft’s no longer pack the punch they once used to.

Halo, one of Xbox’s biggest franchises, is a shell of its former self. Besides Gears of War and Forza, depending on who you ask, Xbox’s exclusives are mediocre at best nowadays. Dead Rising has changed too much to be considered the same game, while Crackdown 3 might not ever even come out.


One of the more interesting and unique releases, Sunset Overdrive, was fun for about an hour. Then was the ambitious Quantum Break, which couldn’t deliver in the long run. And last but not least, Microsoft no longer holds exclusivity with Titanfall, one of the more promising franchises they once had in their hands.

Onto Sony and you have the recently announced Last of Us: Part II, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, a new God of War game and a Spider-Man game that looks very promising. Not to mention Hideo Kojima’s back on the Sony train, and that’s just games that haven’t come out yet.

Quantum Break

The Last Guardian finally came out, Uncharted 4 blew us all away, Bloodborne challenged our sanity and Until Dawn hit us out of nowhere. Even with the missteps Sony had with No Man’s Sky and The Order: 1886, it’s blatantly clear they’re winning when it comes to exclusives, while Microsoft has fallen far behind.

Games With Gold

Alongside running your online gaming experiences, both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold come with weekly discounts, and cost about the same for a year. When it comes to stability however, everyone knows which service is more reliable… *cough* Xbox *cough*.

Along with everything else, subscribers to each service are given free games every single month. With these, there’s no denying that Xbox takes this battle by a mile.


Month after month the games given away on Games With Gold are more appealing than those with PS Plus. PS Plus certainly has its gems from time to time, but they surface much more often over with GWG. It makes it hard to jump into a service when you know from first-hand experience that it’s being done better – far better – on the Xbox.

With GWG every single game that’s given away is playable on the Xbox One, including the 360 titles. That is something that Sony cannot say with the PS4 and PS Plus, as there may be more games released, but they’re locked to certain consoles with no crossover.

Receiving four free games a month on the Xbox One – even with two being older titles – blows the PS Plus and its games out of the water.

PlayStation Controller

There’s nothing more important with console gaming than the controller, just like in PC gaming where a good mouse and keyboard means everything. Having a bad controller can sometimes ruin an experience as you end up distracted by the clunkiness of a peripheral that’s supposed to be immersing you.


One of the highlights of the Xbox One is certainly its controller. The weight of it in your hands, mixed with its responsiveness and dynamic vibrations in the triggers lends way to a great experience. Not to mention the Elite version, which takes everything and kicks it up a notch in the responsiveness and customization departments.

When you make that switch from console to console, going from an Xbox One controller’s off-centred analog sticks to a PS4 controller’s centred sticks is a jarring experience, no matter how subtle the difference may be.


In turn, the PS4 controller just feels unnatural, and it will take you hours with it in your hands before you’re even remotely used to it. It’s too ‘long’ and too light compared to the Xbox One controller, and while a light controller may not be such a bad thing, in the PS4’s case, it is.

It feels like the Dualshock 4 could be snapped in half with virtually no problem while playing. The only thing the PS4 controller has over the Xbox One controller is the rechargeable battery. Every Xbox fan wouldn’t even hesitate to say the Xbox One controller should have an in-controller battery like the PlayStation controllers have had for years out of the box.

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#Honest Confession Of An A Xbox One Owner After Buying An Playstation 4