Switch 2.0, How Nintendo may Upgrade The Switch.

We live in a very fast changeable and upgradeable world where our tech are being improved and upgraded on daily basis and game consoles are not excluded. We have seen the PS4 Pro and also we are waiting for the upgraded Xbox One “Project Scorpio”.

The term upgrade doesn’t mean necessarily more horsepower but it covers all hardware and software aspects.

Here I will share my thoughts on how the new Nintendo Switch could be upgraded in the near future and I hope if Nintendo takes some into consideration.

  1. New switch model with front camera for video chat, game video chat, selfie and snapchat and a rear camera for videos, photos and also for apps like Pokémon Go app.
  2. Nintendo can add Sim card slot and 4G service.
  3. Lighter slimmer model handheld only with longer battery life and may use mirroring to play on TV or wireless HDMI accessory .
  4. Support more applications and may cooperate with Apple IOS or Android.
  5. More internal storage at least 250 GB and Cloud service.
  6. Retro Joy-Cons and retro Joy-Grip for retro games.

I hope Nintendo implements and improve some or all of the mentioned ideas in the near future.

So what do you think? And any new ideas?