Greatest Moments In Assassins Creed History

Spanning multiple games, spin-off games, books, videos and even a movie, the adventures of the white-robed murder machines of Assassin’s Creed are simply vast. And while there have been notable highs and lows, there are some shining moments that standout as truly excellent, both within and outside of the series.

Leonardo’s Flying Contraption

The relationship between Leonardo and Ezio is something special. Not only is it just heartwarming, but it details how to include historical figures in the story perfectly. Charles Dickens from Syndicate should be taking notes. But the payoff for Leonardo and Ezio’s relationship is the flying contraption.


Soaring across the skies atop beautiful Venice is simply stunning. What we all thought was going to be a throw away reference to DaVinci’s many creative contraptions, became one of the most entertaining and brilliant moments in the game.

The moment is short-lived, but it’s something special. It’s one of the few moments in the game where it doesn’t give you an objective. You are just flying until you crash. It’s a brilliant moment that really just gives you time to admire the world Ubisoft built. Just beautiful.

Blackbeard’s Death

As previously mentioned, Blackbeard was far more human than notorious villain. And Black Flag managed to balance those sides perfectly, making Blackbeard the standout character. Which makes his death all the more heart-breaking. Faced with overwhelming odds, Kenway and Thatch fight alongside each other before Blackbeard is done in.

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Unable to even save him, you’re forced to watch as you almost make it in time, but you never can. It’s a beautifully done moment that manages to make Blackbeard relatable. Not to mention that he dies right after he retires, robbed of the opportunity to live a calm and peaceful life

Leap of Faith

The very first Assassin’s Creed, doesn’t have nearly as many standout moments as the rest of the series. While it is still an excellent game, it doesn’t have those moments that make you giddy with excitement. But it has possibly one of the most nostalgic moments in the series that everyone who has ever played the game can relate to:

That very first leap of faith.

A moment of pure and unadulterated awesomeness, the leap of faith sparked one of the most notable mechanics in the series. Becoming the centre of jokes and scientific debates about its plausibility, the leap of faith was the moment that sold a lot of people on the series. It was just awesome.


Playing back through the original shows that that very first leap still holds as much nostalgic brilliance as the first time we experience it. The moment that everyone fell in love with Assassins and the moment that resonated throughout the series. Just downright awesome.

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