Most Shocking Video Game Deaths Of 2016

Few things can be as potentially shocking, devastating and emotionally resonant as death in a great book, movie, TV show or, yes, even a video game


Horatio Carlin – Watch Dogs 2

Horatio is one of the more interesting members of Decsec’s outfit, getting his time to shine during the hilarious Nudle mission, where he’s patronised for being a “well-spoken” young black man.

Sadly it’s not all fun and games, though, as later on, protagonist Marcus finds him bleeding to death, having been mortally stabbed by members of the Tezcas gang for refusing to rat out his teammates.


Seeing such a cool character die such a horrific death was bad enough, but that we get to see mobile phone video of the kill, complete with blood splashing all over the phone’s camera, makes it that much more intensely disturbing.

Marcus sure as Hell gets revenge, but it was still a deeply disquieting moment in a game that, more often than not, emphasised fun over tragedy (and certainly suffered through a few tonal hiccups to that end).

Doom Guy – Doom

Doom Guy is a total bada**, and though he makes it through Doom’s story in tact, you’re almost certainly going to die in this game, a lot, and the array of disgusting death sequences are nothing if not intensely disturbing.

Some of the more memorable death animations include a Baron of Hell stamping on you and ripping your body in two, having your guts ripped out, having your arms ripped off and being beaten to death with them, burning to death in liquid metal (complete with a Terminator 2-inspired thumbs up), getting your head punched clean off and getting your tongue bitten off.


That’s just a few of them, but they never cease to be shocking, even for the standards of this franchise, thanks to some breathtakingly gorgeous graphics.

Rafe Adler – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4 concludes with a thrilling pirates duel between Nathan Drake and the villainous Rafe Adler. It’s not at all surprising that Rafe died, but for several reasons, the nature of his death certainly is.

Firstly, if you accept that Rafe was killed by Drake cutting loose some treasure that then fell on top of him, it’s an extremely goofy way to get rid of the Big Bad, even for all the over-the-top swashbuckling shenanigans of this franchise.


Alternatively, if the treasure simply knocked Rafe out, then the Drakes essentially left him there to burn to death, which seems incredibly callous even considering Rafe’s douchebaggery and the hundreds if not thousands of people Nathan has indiscriminately killed throughout the franchise.

Either way, it’s really weird and not how most thought the final showdown would quite go.

Source – Whatculture

#Most Shocking Video Game Deaths Of 2016