Probably The Most Overrated Video Game Of This Decade

Opinions are like you-know-whats, but even so, these are the titles from the last 12 months that had many players up in arms about their apparent “high quality”.


Blizzard’s hero shooter has become nothing short of a gaming phenomenon, racking up more than 20 million players by October and becoming a fully-fledged e-Sport in its own right. It also scored an insane 91 on Metacritic.


Overwatch is a fun game, no doubt, but is it really worth such rapturous praise when it’s essentially a pretty simplistic multiplayer FPS?

Balancing such an array of characters must be challenging, sure, but outside of the heroes’ personalities, the gameplay is pure FPS familiarity, with fairly unremarkable maps for the most part.


It’s worth noting that the game’s rather safe-playing art-style, bright and free of gore, is likely what made it so appealing to so many in the first place, even if it’s more a 7/10 than the 10/10 CounterStrike killer that so many profess it to be.

Source – Whatculture

#Probably The Most Overrated Video Game Of This Decade