Why Resident Evil 7 Is One Of The Greatest Horror Video Game Of All Time

The first major AAA gaming release of 2017 has arrived, and it brings with it a ton of fanboy baggage, not to mention Capcom’s own desire to broaden the series’ appeal to those who might otherwise be intimidated by the “7” appearing in the title.

Presentation Is Fantastic

“Production-wise, this is the best Capcom’s ever done, with believable performances (wait ’til you see the Baker’s son. Something about him is so freakishly real to me) and wonderfully creepy audio design.” – Destructoid

“The shift to first-person takes Resident Evil 7 closer to its roots than the series has been in more than a decade.” – Polygon

“I highly recommend not playing this game if you’re squeamish because the impressive graphics bring everything to the forefront. The same is true with the bone-chilling dread the voice acting performances will give you.” – Pure PlayStation

Though RE purists might staunchly oppose the game’s first-person view, critics mostly agree that it helps create an incredibly tense atmosphere that still feels distinctly separate from Outlast and Amnesia, its most obvious points of comparison.


Praise has been lavished on the RE Engine, which apparently runs the game at 60FPS without any noticeable frame drops, while the voice acting is also a good deal better than most fans will be expecting of the series.

Satisfy Fans & Newbies Alike

“It’s hard to know if Resident Evil 7 will stand the test of time as much as classics like the original, or RE4. Taken on its own, however, it’s an excellent game that pushes the series in worthy new directions.” – Polygon

“Any concerns I had of Capcom deviating too far from Resident Evil’s universe were wiped out by the time the credits rolled…Capcom has successfully reinvented Resident Evil in the past, the most notable deviation being the brilliant Resident Evil 4. This new vision doesn’t reach the same heights of spectacle and gameplay innovation as that breakthrough release, but is a welcome addition to the series (both in terms of gameplay and lore), and a nice entry point for newcomers.” – Game Informer

There are of course going to be outliers on either side of the equation, but the easy consensus is that most players will enjoy the game in spite of its flaws.

Yes, it needs more enemy types and the hardcore crowd may find it too easy on the whole, but it delivers the terror the franchise has been lacking for years.


It’s not the iconic reinvention that Resident Evil 4 was, and probably won’t be a Game of the Year contender in 11 months’ time, but it’s a major return to form after the widely-reviled RE6.

VR Mode Is Absolutely Terrifying

“If you have the PSVR, you’re left with a trade-off. Play normally with smooth, sharp graphics with more consistency, or play in VR and sacrifice graphics for a huge boost in immersion and better aiming. Aiming with VR is a joy, as you shoot by aiming with your face, and it made me look forward to boss fights and skirmishes with regular enemies since it’s so much fun.” – Destructoid

“It really does add a lot to the scare factor…The game’s visuals look noticeably better on a television screen, and I did prefer to comfortably sit on a couch rather than have a bulky headset and headphones on. VR in this game is a highly effective gimmick, but the additional scare factor was beaten out by overall comfort in the end…I appreciated the variety of options for those that want to play in VR, including the ability to change the turning degree angle of the right analog stick.” – Giant Bomb

With PSVR desperately crying out for some meaty AAA experiences, it seems that RE7 is going to be just the ticket…for those lucky enough to own a headset and be in possession of some serious nerves of steel.


The main caveat is that performance takes a hit in VR mode, but the flip-side is that VR takes the terror to levels that playing on a TV simply cannot, to the extent that many reviewers found themselves unable or unwilling to play the entire game in PSVR.

Much praise was lent to the comprehensive array of comfort options to minimise motion sickness, allowing players to play in full-on “vomit mode” with smooth movement, or use pie chart-style turning instead.

In short, if you own PSVR, it would be a crime to not at least play some of the game in the headset.

Source – Whatculture

#Why Resident Evil 7 Is One Of The Greatest Horror Video Game Of All Time