Top 3 Perfect Locations For Elders Scrolls VI

So far, each Elder Scrolls game has been mainly set in one of the nine provinces of Tamriel. Their latest entry came in the form of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, an epic masterpiece which was being worked on long before there was a console capable of properly running it.


Maybe the most intriguing area of Tamriel left unexplored is the native homeland of the Bosmer Wood-Elves, Valenwood.

Despite being one of the smallest provinces, it also has a wide variety of environments, from mangrove swamps near the rocky coasts to sub-tropical rainforests further inland and a northern region which is rocky, sandy and shared with Elsweyr. Bosmer themselves live in small clan-houses along the coast or – most incredibly – mobile citie,s built around walking trees known as graht-oaks.


There is also bad blood between Valenwood and neighbouring Elsweyr. In addition to the neighbouring political turmoil, Valenwood has also been annexed by the Aldermi Domain, which has also seized Elsweyr.

Between their history of conflict and shared repression, a take on the Elsweyr/Valenwood conflict would be an amazing core concept for Elder Scrolls VI. They could be set as banding together to fight their common oppressor or vying for a better position with them.


One of the least explored races in all of the games is the Kahjiit cat people. Little is known of the land these nomadic traders call home, but that it is similar in geography to Valenwood, off to the west with dense jungles and woodland down to the south, with deserts and plains off to the north.

Elsweyr is actually two states under the control of the Aldermi Domain – Anequina to the north and Pelletine to the south.

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Unlike the rest of provinces of Tamriel, the Kahjiit have a spiritual leader known as the Mane. The Mane is only born when the two main moons align with a rarely visible third one at birth. This would be a great addition to the main quest, being tasked to identify the next Mane by the current one.

As a tribal culture, it is a lot more frictional than the other parts of Tamriel. Although there is not an open civil war, helping one of the various tribes and then seeing how your choices effect the other tribes would be an interesting gameplay mechanic.

Summerset Isles

One of the most powerful factions in Elder Scrolls is the resurrected Aldmeri Domain. Until the events of Skyrim, the Summerset Isles were part of the Tamrielic Empire.

Home of the High Elves – the most innately powerful magical race – the Altmer are also the most egotistical and xenophobic race in the Elder Scrolls. But little is actually known about their homeland.


The Summerset Isle have different gods, architecture and politics from the rest of Tamriel. Their xenophobic outlook towards the rest of the races would make for a darker game than the other Elder Scrolls. Even if the player chooses to be an Altmer, the rigid social hierarchy would allow a low-born to receive equal discrimination to those of other races and make the entire game slightly more difficult.

Potential DLC could revolve around the Isle of Artaeum, home of the Psjic Order. The Order disappeared 100 years before the Skyrim civil war but has disappeared for 500 years following the end of the First Era. The Dragonborn was also helped by an envoy of the Psjic Order in the Mages College questline in Skyrim.

Continuing on from this point would be a logical next step in the Elder Scrolls and follow the ongoing Aldermi Domain/Tamrielic Empire struggle. If anywhere, this is where we would like to see the next chapters of the Elder Scrolls take place.

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#Top 3 Perfect Locations For Elders Scrolls VI