Nintendo Switch Most Innovative Feature That Will Crush Xbox One And PS4

Say goodbye to basic dull controller rumble, Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble has potential to be not only a great feature for the Switch, but an innovation that changes console gaming forever. It is a unique upgrade of a simple controller feature, but it opens the door for a more immersive gaming experience. It makes you wonder why this improvement was not made earlier by either Microsoft or Sony.


Current and past gaming “innovations” by Sony and Microsoft have not gone well for them, as shown through PSVR and Kinect; hopefully Nintendo can give them some pointers, starting with HD Rumble. It is fitting that Nintendo is making the improvement to the controller rumble feature, since they are the ones that made “rumble” standard in controllers when they released the N64 rumble packs.


HD Rumble has huge potential and could be a tool used to enhance the experience of gamers in every game. Nintendo released a video demonstration where they displayed the HD rumble capabilities. The demonstration showed that the Switch “Joy-con” controllers have the capability to allow gamers to feel ice cubes move in a glass and can even simulate the feel of liquid being poured into a glass. Third party developers could easily incorporate HD Rumble into their games and reap the huge benefit of making their game feel more realistic.

Source – Thisgengaming

#Nintendo Switch Most Innovative Feature That Will Crush Xbox One And PS4