How Nathan Drake Died In Uncharted 4 Ending

All those articles alluding to Nate dying in Uncharted 4 may have been right all along, with Naughty Dog hiding the true fate of our favourite explorer right under our noses.


According to Gamerant’s Dalton Cooper, the very reason we get a ‘happily ever after’ ending despite the game being otherwise full of misfortune and dour circumstance, is because Drake actually perishes when falling off the cliff towards the end of the game, and everything else we see takes place in the afterlife.


To be honest, it kinda works. Think about it: Before Nate’s fall, Elena has walked out on him, he’s told Sully to take a hike and Sam has been revealed as lying about everything. As Cooper states, following this fall, suddenly Elena is somehow in the “exact right spot” to save him despite having no way to do so, then Sully turns up and saves the day, despite also not knowing where Nate was.


Everything from here on out is pretty much the afterlife. The rosy “Everything’s okay anyway” calming of tensions between him and Elena, Sully coming to the rescue, Sam making it out alive and taking over his line of work. Nate having a kid?


Dalton cements his theory by questioning the design of Cassie Drake’s bedroom, which “doesn’t have many modern knickknacks”, and also shows the daughter playing the same Crash Bandicoot level that Drake did at the beginning. Being Nate doesn’t know jack about computers, it makes sense that he’d imagine his kid playing the one level of the one game on the one console he had a pretty recent interaction with.

Source – Whatculture

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